Eaziwin Games

The National Lottery, run by ITHUBA, has a number of established but exciting games for punters to play, such as Lotto, Sportstake, and Powerball. They’ve also continued to add more excitement through their new Eaziwin games, which are an assortment of casino style slot games that can be played online or instore. We’ve had a look at a few of the most popular Eaziwin games that punters who prefer quick slot or scratch games should definitely try.

Eaziwin Candy Cash

eaziwin candy cash

Candy Cash basically takes on the casino style of slots games, consisting of 5 reels with candy symbols. As with other slots games, the ultimate objective is to win prize money by matching symbols to certain pay lines as required by the operator. There is a total of 9 different symbols (including the wild symbol which can substitute any other symbol).

The game is played by changing the stake amount to the desired level – minimum is R3 and maximum is R5, and clicking the “Play Now” button, allowing the reels to spin. Sadly however, there is no provision to set a predefined number of spins. The maximum winnings that can be taken from this game are R75, 000.

Candy Cash Prizes

eaziwin candy cash prizes

Eaziwin Soccer League

eaziwin soccer league

Soccer League is another simple scratch game offered by Ithuba and has a maximum prize offering of R75, 000 on the tables. This is a game of scratch cards and involves three sets of soccer teams whose results are only revealed after completing scratches. Bets are placed by choosing the stake (Total Bet) which can be set as either R3 or R5, and then clicking the Play button.

To win, the player has to scratch the home and away teams to reveal the score line. If the home team score is higher than the away one, the player wins a prize, otherwise it is a loss. The total winnings of a particular game are a sum of prize money from all three scratched matches. Scratching can also be done automatically by clicking the “Scratch All” button, and all scores and prizes are instantly revealed. This is one of the most popular Eaziwin games and it’s easy to see why!

Eaziwin Soccer League Prizes

Eaziwin Lucky Jersey

eaziwin lucky jersey

This is another very simple scratch game with the potential to win up to R200, 000 prize money! The game involves the scratching of football jerseys to reveal hidden numbers. Bets can be placed as stakes of either R5 or R10, and the player wins if they scratch and match any three numbers amongst the available six football jerseys. Scratching can be done manually by clicking on the jersey or can be done automatically by selecting the scratch all option.

More Games

The following unique Eaziwin games are available to play on the National Lottery site.

  • Candy Cash
  • Howzzat
  • Tribe Warrior
  • Money Bee
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Soccer League
  • Eaziwin Tic Tac Toe
  • Lucky Jersey
  • Hav a Break

How to Play

We hope you enjoy the new Eaziwin games from Ithuba. If you’d like to know more about legal online casino games then head over to our Casino Games section. Let us know which is your favorite Eaziwin game in the comments below.



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Motlatso Mathipa
1 month ago

Are they people who already won big on this games because I only won not more than R3

7 months ago

I really do enjoy the games however I feel that they are rigged. Especially the soccer league game as it… Read more »