GameBet review

GameBet are a new South African Bookmaker looking to break into the local market. They are powered by Supabets and their software, which in a way makes them a separate bookie. Let’s get stuck into what GameBet have to offer.


We had not heard of Gamebet until someone asked us about the site, so we thought we’d check it out and see if they offer anything worthwhile. It turns out they actually have a very impressive sign on offer. It’s a 100% deposit match up to R3500. This is a fantastic offer and we’re glad they’re showing some balls by offering such a large amount to new customers. Enough about the deposit match, let’s move on to the actual GameBet site.

The GameBet site is powered by Supabets and has a very Turfsports feel to it. It’s not the worst looking website we’ve seen but it does need a bit of work. The banner images look shockingly bad and there are only three of them, a quick change to hi-res images would do them a world of good. The odds and markets themselves are comprehensive and competitive which was surprising and there is plenty of choice for punters.

Other point we’d like to make is that GameBet are very good when it comes to feedback. We pointed out a few things on the site that needed attention or were confusing and they were fixed within 2 days. So kudos to them for taking the time to listen and action feedback from the betting community.



Multiple bets : If a game is scratched, cancelled or abandoned and causes the ticket to fall into a different bonus group, the ticket is recalculated when it is settled. ie. 10 legs are bet on but 1 game is scratched making it a 9 leg ticket which means you have a 9 leg bonus and not a 10 leg bonus

Money Back Bonus : Get 5% back on all losing bets.

Suggestion Bonus : We will award our customers up to R200 per customer on a great suggestion

Gamebet’s promotions are lacking with plenty of room for improvement. We really like the 5% money back bonus but there is little else on offer to keep our interest. Throw in a few generic offers and punters would be happy, it does not have to be be flashy, just a few basic acca money back offers would do the trick.

Overall Experience :

GameBet is a work in progress but to their credit they’ve spoken to us and assured us they are ironing out the issues. The sign on offer is the biggest attraction for now as you’ll struggle to find anything as good other than the R3000 offered by World Sports Betting. They also need to implement some customer service channels but we’re sure these are in the pipeline for the future. All in all GameBet are a rough diamond that with a few changes could become a solid choice for punters. We recommend you check them out but also check in with us as we’ll be updating this review as their product changes.

Sign on Bonus Rating : 8.5/10 

Overall Rating : 7/10

Sign up to Gamebet here.




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How in the name of the pope do I withdraw from gamebet?I’ve mailed and tried to call,it’s been a month and nothing. Is this site legit?


This is the absolute worst bookies I’ve worked with in my entire life!!! I had to ask for a refund on the deposit I made and close my account before even making one bet. Customer service ignore you flat on emails and whatsapp. I then called the call centre to try and sort Fica and Deposit bonus out at 12:00 and she told me that hopefully they will be able to sort it out by 17:00 or else they will attend to it the following day. The markets available to bet on is VERY VERY VERY limited. How on earth… Read more »


Not only are they using Supabets style website. The deposit bank accounts are the same as Supabets. Which makes one think that this site is actually Supabets re-branded slightly.


One of the worst bookmakers around. Customer is a non-event and you wait days for reply from them.


You guys didn’t hold back on that one. Hope they get in contact and answer some of these burning questions, I’m liking that big deposit offer.

Boss punter

Are they part of Supabets or using the software?Have you tried asking supabets about Gamebet? Really harsh review but justified in a way. I checked the terms myself and they are different.


Thousand 3 a thirty and a 3. Haha. Definitely zumas handy work. No chance I’m signing up here, looks shady af.