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EFC 68 Betting Odds

17:30 Ambamba vs Smith 9/10 – 8/10
17:45 Kerspuy vs Kamish 8/10 – 9/10
18:00 Bezuidenhout vs Djikasa5/6 – 5/6
18:15 Ridley vs Kayambala 5/10 – 14/10
18:30 Mukulu vs Madsen 18/10 – 7/20
18:45 Biko vs Richards 9/10 – 8/10
19:00 Michael vs Cundar i9/10 – 8/10
21:15 Joshua vs De Beer 4/10 – 17/10
21:30 Jacobs vs Ellenor 13/10 – 11/20
21:45 Muyambo vs Roets 15/10 – 5/10
22:00 Mazany vs Bright 7/10 – 21/20
22:15 Van Staden vs Hughes 12/10 – 6/10

EFC 67 Betting Preview and Predictions

World Sports Betting have really outdone themselves for the EFC in 2018. They have come to the party in a big way by sponsoring not one but two EFC fighters. The good news does not end there as they’ve priced up EFC 67 a full month in advance! With the EFC attracting 17(!) times more viewers than Super Rugby it is a great move by the bookmaker. Here are your Early EFC 67 Betting odds from World Sports Betting.

Right off the bat there is some great value to be had on the likes of Ngunza at 7/10 and Allen at 8/10. We’ll be getting our bets on early as we’re sure the prices will shorten in the coming weeks.

EFC 66 Betting Preview and Predictions

Saturday 16 December 2017 
Menlyn Maine, Pretoria, South Africa

Irshaad Sayed vs Demarte Pena 

Irshaad Sayed is a high quality, well rounded fighter who most likely feels it is time to get what was stolen from him last time due to Pena’s positive dope test. He is a very competent, well rounded striker, able to fight at boxing or kickboxing distance. He shows a very strong clinch and a good ground game. He has also fought Pena before and I’m sure at this stage he feels he knows him quite well.

Sayed has good power for a smaller guy, and he is a clever fighter who creates and capitalises on openings very well. He can use both his hands and his legs to devastating effect.
His clinch work and grappling is strong, though in this fight he will surely look to keep the fight on the fee t and switch Pena’s lights out.

Demarte Pena is an exceptionally strong, hard working fighter who typically plays it safe, scoring takedowns and grinding dangerous opponents away to take home decision victories. In his last few outings, he has spent more time on the feet, and his last fight against Sayed was fought almost entirely on the feet.

He tends to play a very defensive striking game also, staying out of range and playing very low risk counters. He has been cracked in the cage before, and he seems to have a chin, so I think he could roll the dice a bit more, but that’s unlikely to happen.
The two biggest factors in this fight are these. Both fighters have been coaching this season of TF1. The big difference is that Pena is coaching from his home town, and Sayed has had to spend all his time in a foreign city. If Sayed hasn’t been getting the training in that he needs, he’s going to be in big trouble.

On the flip side, Sayed is a witty guy and he has been taking potshots at Pena for cheating at every opportunity he gets. If he has managed to get inside Pena’s head and shake him off his game, that could spell disaster for the usually cautious Pena.
I don’t see Demarte being rattled though, and I don’t know if Sayed has had the training he needs to take the victory.

EFC 66 Best Bet : Demarte Pena Win  – 11/20 Bet Now

Predicted Method : Decision (as usual)

Jared “The Mountain” Vanderaa v Andrew van Zyl

Vanderaa is a big guy from a top gym in the USA. His record is 6 – 1, with half his wins by striking and half by submission. His only loss is by submission, in the 5th round.
He has decent timing but very little head movement. He isn’t afraid to slug punches but he doesn’t look to have exceptional power. His chin is still a question mark, he’s eaten shots before but never from a really powerful guy. He has been rocked, and he goes right into clinch mode when that happens.

He shows limited takedowns skills but doesn’t seem to go for them much anyway. He does fight from the clinch, as would be expected from a Team Quest alumni. He also seems to like clinching, as opposed to fighting from distance or grappling on the ground. It’s a very draining way to fight as it saps the strength right out of the muscles. He looks to have a threatening submission skills. He transitions nicely from strikes to submissions and back. He gets busy with GnP when he has top position. His gas tank looks solid, and the five round fight shouldn’t be a major issue for him.

Andy is sitting at 13 – 3 as a pro, with his only losses being to men who went on to compete in the UFC. They were also all submission losses, and they happened early in the first round. His last opponent was a much bigger man than Vanderaa, so size shouldn’t be a problem.
Andy’s striking is solid. His boxing skills have progressed considerably over the last few years, and he shows good head movement and timing. He also has solid power and an exceptional chin. It’s difficult to hit him clean, and it’s almost impossible to hurt him.

His clinch game is strong. He has over a decade experience in MMA, and he began with Muay Thai, so you can expect strong clinch skills, solid strikes from there and decent takedowns.
His ground game is world class. He is a big, strong guy with technical BJJ skills. He has dangerous submissions and heavy hands.

his fight is interesting. Andy has all the skills to beat Vanderaa, but he is a slow starter. Vanderaa has quick submission skills. Andy’s chin will save him in the early part of the fight if he gets clipped, but if they tie up in a clinch, there is a risk that Vanderaa could lock something up and force the submission. If Andy is able to control distance well and avoid getting into a submission match with Vanderaa, especially in the early part of the fight, he should take home a win. Most likely by standing TKO in round 2 or 3, once he’s beaten Vanderaa into a pulp.

EFC 66 Best Bet : Andrew van Zyl at 9/20 – Bet Now
Predicted Method : TKO

Gordon Roodman vs Will Fleury

Fleury was undefeated as an amateur and holds a 2 – 0 record as a pro. He fights out of SBG Ireland, a gym renowned for fighters such as Conor Mcgregor and Gunnar Nelson. Most likely, he will have strong fundamentals in every aspect of the game, from striking to the clinch to the ground. His boxing will likely not be as polished as the other aspects of his game. He is also a much bigger guy than Roodman.
As would be expected from an SBI Ireland fighter, he plays a nice in and out game. He lunges in with his head still though. Against a high quality counter striker that will get him into trouble. He puts nice pressure, unloading with nice chains of strikes when he feels an opportunity. He also shows a bit of a chin.

He tends to dive in for takedowns. He does have quick reflexes in the clinch, able to catch knees and escape dangerous positions very quickly. He is also able to capitalise in unorthodox ways to secure takedowns.  He has won almost all of his fights by submission, with only 1 win as an amateur and 1 win as a pro by way of strikes. He transitions beautifully on the ground, threatening with both strikes and submissions.

Roodman is the guy that proves the most important factor in a fight is willingness. He has unbelievable determination and he bats at a far higher level that his skills would ordinarily allow.
he most dangerous thing about Roodman’s striking is his willingness to hit and get hit, and the bombs he delivers when he lands. He has good timing, good head movement and heavy hands. That makes him dangerous for anybody who stands and trades with him. His height may play to his favour in this one. Being the shorter guy with shorter arms, his shots will arrive sooner than his lanky opponent, and that could be all the difference.

His clinching is not great and his ground game is relatively weak.
That said, he has giant balls and that could make all the difference. As usual, my bet is against Roodman, but I hope he proves me wrong. And there is a very real chance he catches Fleury on the way in and switches his lights out with one punch.

EFC 66 Best Bet : Will Fleury at 1/4 – Great for accumulators – Bet Now
Predicted Method : Submission round one

Gareth Buirski vs Philippe Rouch 

Buirksi is a veteran in the EFC cage and a very tough guy to finish. He’s got a mixed record and has been in some tough scraps. His last fight he won by decision, and many people consider it a gift, so he may come out with something to prove this time around.
He has a very passive striking style, which may work to his favour in this fight. He does throw bombs on occasion and if he connects he could do damage. That said, he’d really have to lull his opponent to sleep in order to catch him with a bomb. He has a good chin, though he has been dropped more often recently.

He has a fairly strong clinch and does decent work from there.
His ground game is also balanced for defence. He doesn’t take chances and he doesn’t give chances. He has only one loss on his record by submission, and that was early in his professional career.

Rouch looks to be a jits guy, with only one win coming by way of TKO due to injury. All his other wins have come by way of submission.
He looks to have passable standup and clinch work, but his priority will be to get the fight to the ground. On the ground he shows a very high level BJJ game, which will give his opponent a hard time if he engages in him with it.

hey share a common opponent in Francois Groenewald, who Buirski KO’d and Rouch submitted.
Buirski’s lack of commitment to striking volume means that Rouch may have a tough time finding opportunities to shoot for the takedown, though I think sooner or later Rouch will find a way to drag Buirski down, even if it means giving up to his back.

This fight will be contested in a match between Rouch’s ground attacks and Buirski’s strength and defensive skills. Buirski needs to avoid playing the submission game with Rouch, and focus on landing strikes from the top position. If Rouch is willing to play off his back (which he might do since he is a thorough jits guy), he may hand the fight to Buirski.

Buirski has fought quality ground guys before and hasn’t been submitted. Rouch may be the best that he has fought on the ground though, and it seems likely to me that Rouch will eventually be able to wrap him up in something and finish him off on the ground.

EFC 66 Best Bet : Philippe Rouch at 8/20 – Bet Now
Predicted Method : Submission Round 3

Mukulu vs Bagattin

Dino Bagattin is a veteran of the sport. He is a passionate competitor who has been in the game for ages. He displays very solid striking skills and a high level ground game. He breaks his opponents down under the volume of strikes that he throws and lands and he can take a crack. Technically and in terms of experience, he is far superior to Mukulu.  On the other hand, he is coming off three straight losses, the worst run of his career.

Bruno Mukulu is a mid level striker and grappler, but he seems to have that X factor that just separated guys and that’s what keeps him competitive at the EFC. He hasn’t faced the quality of opposition that Bagattin has, but he has had a better run, winning three of his last four fights.

Bagattin’s high pressure style may leave him open to Mukulu’s haymakers. If he gets clipped, can he still take a punch like he used to? How will it affect his confidence if he does get clipped? I don’t see Bagattin’s takedowns being good enough to get Mukulu to the floor and keep him there. It is possible that Mukulu goes looking for takedowns, and if he does and the fight hits the floor, Bagattin will almost certainly dominate there.

The biggest question mark is Bagattin’s chin. Can he take a punch? He has had a great run, and I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think his body can take it any more. If he gets clipped (and I believe he will), I think he will crumble.

EFC 63 Prediction : Mukulu by TKO round 2.

Value Bet : Mukulu with the upset at 3/1 with WSB

De Lange vs Seabi

Shaun de Lange is a tall, lanky, high volume striker who fights with a ton of guts. He is quite well rounded and has overcome veteran Dino Bagattin in a close split decision. He has fallen short on the ground before, but Seabi isn’t on the same level on the ground as the competitors who’ve been able to beat him there. He has lost 3 out of his last 4 fights against mid and top tier opponents. He is still young and it’s entirely possible his game has levelled up enough to make a stronger run for the belt.

Seabi is a tough Congolese fighter who has only fallen to Alain Ilunga in the pro ranks. He is the first man to knock Sizwe Mnikathi out cold. He also has staying power 3 times out of his 5 fights.

It’s an interesting match-up with power and endurance against volume and height. If Seabi is able to drag the fight to the ground, he will probably be able to hold de Lange down and win a decision. If he doesn’t, then I think de Lange’s volume will wear him away, with de Lange winning by TKO.

De Lange’s height and reach will play the key factor in this as I think he will stun Seabi painfully as he attempts to close the distance, with Seabi eventually wilting under the punches.

EFC 63 Prediction : De Lange by TKO round 3

Best Bet : De Lange to win at 7/10 with WSB

Bruning vs Mnikathi

Deon Bruning is a high level grappler and very capable striker. My biggest knock on his striking is that he shows no head movement. He does have good timing and chooses strikes well though. He is a high pressure fighter who doesn’t give his opponents a chance to breathe.

Sizwe Mnikathi is tough as nails but he lacks skills. He does wing haymakers though, and if he connects he can be dangerous.

Bruning is a much bigger guy, who has much better skills everywhere. Mnikathi’s biggest strength (his toughness) was broken by Conrad Seabi not all that long ago and his chin may not have recovered. And even if he is able to land a haymaker, it is unlikely one will be enough to trouble Bruning. I see an easy night for Bruning.

EFC 63 Prediction : Bruning by submission round 1

Now onto our WSB EFC 63 Betting Babes picks!

EFC 62 Betting Preview
DATE : Saturday 19 August 2017
VENUE : Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa

Yannick Bahati Vs Dricus Du Plessis

Bahati is a well-rounded, patient, conservative fighter with a dangerous ground game and reasonable striking skills. His only official loss is a decision he gave up to Champion Dalcha. That being said, Du Plessis’ team mate Miguel Opperman TKO’d him 12 seconds into their contest, but the result was overturned due to a positive drug test. Du Plessis has an aggressive, physical style. He plays a dangerous striking game but he can take a shot and he can give one.

The majority of his wins have come on the ground by submission, but you’ll never see a boring fight if Du Plessis is fighting in it. His sole defeat was to former EFC champ and UFC veteran Gareth Mclellan, one of the most dominant champs in EFC history. Du Plessis’ willingness and aggression will overwhelm Bahati’s conservative, methodical approach.

After some vicious exchanges either Bahati or Du Plessis will drag the fight to the ground. Du Plessis would drag it down to continue beating up Bahati, but Bahati will try to drag the fight down to escape the striking onslaught.

Odds : Du Plessis 8/10 Bahati 9/10 with World Sports Betting

Best Bet : Du Plessis by submission round 1.

Nkazimulo Zulu vs Sylvester Chipfumba

Chipfumba is a young, quality striker who has transitioned to MMA well. He shows good strikes and a reasonable ground game. Two of his wins have come by decision. Considering the level of opposition he has fought, that doesn’t bode well for him in a title fight, especially against a guy like Nkazimulo Zulu. Zulu is arguably the best fighter in Africa at the moment. He is the first man to hold two EFC titles in different weight classes, and he is the only African fighter to compete on The Ultimate Fighter, where he drew praise from the guys at the highest level of the game. To the point that they kept him in the USA for a year to prep him for his return.

His striking is unmatched in the country (and is amongst the best in the world). He has 47 striking only fights, with 47 wins, 46 of them by way of knockout. His time with American Olympic gold medal wrestlers and top level MMA fighters has rounded out his game. There is no area of the game where Chipfumba has an advantage. Zulu will dominate this fight and finish any way he wants to.

Odds : Zulu 6/10 Chipfumba 12/10 with World Sports Betting.

Best Bet : Nkazimulo Zulu by submission round 2.

Igeu Kabesa vs Pierre Botha

Botha is an excellent wrestler who has made the move into MMA fairly well. His most recent battle was against the UK’s Azi Thomas, which ended in a draw. Azi Thomas is a tough, dangerous fighter and the draw was proof that Botha has elevated his game past his earlier stumbling blocks, where he dropped submission losses to even low level pros. Kabesa’s wrestling is excellent, and his striking is good. He dominated all his opponents up to now, with his only loss coming by way of desperation submission to Danny Henry.

The question in this fight is not whether or not Kabesa has the tools to beat Botha, because I think he beats him in every area of the game. The question is where Kabesa’s head is at? Does he still have his confidence? Has he put in the work he needs to take a victory in this fight? Assuming Kabesa has been working hard, I don’t see Botha being able to bring a game that’s well rounded enough to compete against Kabesa.

Odds : Botha 17/10 Kabesa 4/10 with World Sports Betting

Best Bet : Kabesa by submission round 3.

Sandile Manengela vs Barend Nienaber

Manengela is a PESFA product with a very competent grappling and striking. He’s bounced back from a rocky start (3 losses in a row) to win 2 out of 3 of his last fights. He has lost every time he’s tried to take a step up in class. He has a well-rounded game and is especially competent at throwing his opponents from a clinch. Nienaber is an EFC veteran who has contested for titles, falling just short. He is an experienced, quick striker and has excellent ground control. He likes to hold his opponent’s down and smother out decision victories.

For the first time in his career he was stopped by strikes against Danny Henry, and then suffered another TKO in the following fight (by a body kick). That leaves a question about whether or not he still has the chin or the will to take the blows that come with this game. Nienaber has far more experience against higher quality opponents than Manengela, and a better record against them. This will be a tough fight for Manengela and I don’t see him being able to find the victory.

Odds : Manengela 31/20 Nienaber 9/20 with World Sports Betting

Best Bet : Nienaber by decision.

Stephen Gonsalves vs Claude Ntumba

Gonsalves is an amateur champ with solid striking and ground control skills. His submissions alone aren’t excellent but he integrates them very well into his ground and pound game. He is a thoughtful, methodical fighter who is willing and capable of getting messy and dominating. That’s a dangerous combination. It is his EFC debut, and it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the nerves. He is a professional stuntman, so he is no stranger to nerves, and I’m sure he will handle it just fine.

Ntumba is 2-2 in the EFC, winning his first two and then losing the next two. He is a wild, aggressive fighter. He throws balls to the wall on everything, which makes him dangerous, but it also leaves him exposed. A strong striker can pick him apart quite easily, and he has shown weakness in the past on the ground. The question mark in this one is whether or not Gonsalves handles the debut jitters well. I think he will, and I see him being able to take victory any way he wants.

Odds: Gonsalves 13/20 Ntumba 11/10 with World Sports Betting

Best Bet : Gonsalves by TKO

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