Does Betway return your stake?

A common misconception in South Africa is that Betway don’t return your stake or that their odds are better than Hollywoodbets. Firstly, let’s just make it clear that Betway do return your stake. With that out the way we’ll show you why punters incorrectly think that Betway don’t return your stake.

Betway stake return

When one looks at the odds on Betway you’ll see they displayed differently to Hollywoodbets and some other sites. Here’s an example.

Betway Odds Example

Hollywoodbets Odds Example

You’ll notice there is a difference in the odds display. Betway use 1.01 while Hollywoodbet do not use a 1, they start with a 0. In betting terms this means they are using a different odds display, other than that the odds are exactly the same. If we convert them to fractions both the above odds are 1/100. You’ll also notice that you’ll never find any odds below 1.00 at Betway, because anything below 1.00 with Betway is 0. Think of the 1 in the 1.01 as your stake and the .01 as the odds.

You’ll see this once you’ve added the bets to the Betslip as shown below.

Betway Betslip

A R10 bet at Betway returns R10.10 which INCLUDES your stake. This where many punters get confused. To work out your profit on a Bet at Betway you need to subtract the initial stake (R10) from the potential return / payout. So R10.10 payout – R10 stake = 10c profit.


Hollywoodbets Betslip

Hollywoodbets on the other hand do not include your stake in the potential payout, they only show the profit you’d make from the bet. Which still works out to 10c payout + R10 stake = R10.10 return.

We understand this has caused a lot of confusion, causing punters to believe that Betway odds are better than Hollywoodbets or that Betway does not return your stake. This simply is not the case, we’d also like to mention that it is in fact illegal for bookmakers not to return your stake.

The simplest method to keep in mind when using Betway is to ignore the “1” in the odds! We hope this explanation will help clear up some of the confusion when it comes to betting at both Betway and Hollywoodbets. Also keep in mind that odds are different across bookmakers so you might actually find better odds on both sites.

If you’d like to know more about Betway or Hollywoodbets then head over to our bookmaker review section, where we put them through their paces.

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  1. Hollywood still better than betway explain properly . Hollywood = Stake R10 then potential pay out 10.10c Acc balance when u win R20.10 profit R10.10c not 10c like betway.thats what we call returning your stake

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