Betway Bamba 13 Jackpot – The Betway Pick 13 Jackpot Explained

Betway has launched its very own Sportstake 13-inspired jackpot game called Betway Bamba 13, or Betway pick 13, where you can win prizes for selecting the outcome of 13 different matches. There’s a prize of R250,000 should you get all 13 right, and those who get 10, 11, or 12 predictions correct will also receive a prize of up to R5000. In this guide, we’ll be running through how to play the new Jackpot game on Betway.

How to play Betway Bamba 13

Playing the Betway Pick 13 games is similar to playing popular tote games like Soccer 13 or Sportstake 13, all you need to do is login to your Betway account and go to the Jackpots page, then select Bamba 13 and you can start playing.

It costs R5 an entry and you are presented with 13 different matches which you need to select an outcome for (Win / Draw / Win). The matches have a handy odds display, so you know what the general chances of that side winning are. To make a selection simply choose the sides you want to back and when ready, hit the bet now button to place the bet.

You can select multiple outcomes for a match, such as one team to win or draw, or even all three outcomes, but each additional selection will cost an additional R5. Selecting all outcomes for all 13 matches will cost R 7,971,615, which would guarantee a win, but no one is going to be doing that!

There is also a random pick or quick pick option available, which allows you to set a number of lines to play, ranging from 1 to 8192 lines (each line costs R5). The random pick can be handy to use if you are in a rush or want to take a lucky guess at playing for the jackpot.

To view your pending Bamba 13 bets you’ll need to click on my bets, then detailed view, then on Betway jackpots, as seen below.

Betway Bamba 13 Prizes

Should you get the outcomes of all 13 matches correct then you’ll win the R250,000 Bamba 13 Jackpot, this prize is not shared so if multiple people win you’ll still get R250,000 in cash. If you get 10, 11 or 12 of your selections correct then you will win a consolation prize;

• 12 correct predictions – R5,000
• 11 correct predictions – R2,500
• 10 correct predictions – R100

All winnings are paid directly into your Betway account as cash, and can be withdrawn.

Sign up to play the Bamba 13 Jackpot on Betway

All you need to play the Bamba 13 is a Betway account, and if you don’t yet have an account and want to play then follow the Betway registration instructions below;

  1. Visit and click the sign up button
  2. Enter your registration details on the sign up form
  3. Submit your registration and login to your Betway account
  4. Make a deposit using one of the various Betway deposit methods so that you have at least R5 in your account to play the Jackpot

Once your account is open and you’ve logged in you’ll be able to play the Bamba 13. If you need help with making your first deposit then read through a Betway deposit guide.

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Betway Review

Bamba 13 promises to be a big hit with players

The Bamba 13 is the perfect game for players who enjoy playing Soccer 13 or Sportstake 13. It’s easy to play, and the mechanics of the game are the same. Another plus is that there is no sharing of the Jackpot should you win, each player that wins will get R250,000 in cash!

The Bamba 13 is also available on the Betway site, App and the Data Free site. It’s going to be interesting to see all the different Bamba 13 predictions on social media, and it’s a game we’ll definitely be playing ourselves. If you’d like to know more about Betway then head over to our Betway review, you should also check out the Betway Mahala Jackpot too.