WSB maximum payout now R10 Million

WSB (World Sports Betting) have recently increased their payout limit to a whopping R10 Million! It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest in South Africa. Not only do WSB have a huge payout limit but they also have one of the biggest sign on offers around, a 100% match up to R10,000. Let’s have a look at why we like the new offer in our WSB maximum payout article.

The previous limit on WSB was around R3 Million if our memory serves us correctly, they’ve now trebled that with their R10 Million payout. This is a massive move and WSB are showing once again why they are one of the best bookmakers in the country. To put in perspective much big the limit is we’ve listed some other bookmakers max payouts.

WSB maximum payout compared to other big bookmakers (2019)

Sunbet Maximum Payout : R1.25 Million per day
Hollywoodbets Maximum Payout : R10 Million per day
Sportingbet Maximum Payout : R1 million
Betxchange Maximum Payout : R10 Million
Supabets : Maximum Payout : R10 Million

As you can see from the above, WSB have the biggest payout limit by some distance. Almost double that of their closet competitors, Hollywoodbets and Supabets. Now there might be a few more bookies with high payouts but we haven’t come across them. So if you see any be sure to give us a shout and we can add them to the above list.

WSB maximum payout – Just the beginning?

It’s a great move from the peoples bookie and we hope to see some lucky punter test the R10 Million payout with a big win, who knows, it could be you! We also hope that this is the new normal for South Africans as there has been some scandal in the past with bookmakers not paying out big wins.

For more information check out our WSB review. Remember to gamble responsibly and also to be aware what the maximum payout is at any bookmaker you bet with.

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Do you of any reasons why SA does not permit international bookies to operate in this country, one in particular bet365, and do you think it would be a good idea going to reside n a country in which they are allowed to operate ? Bet365 offers a great deal of markets in leagues that are mostly ignored by our bookies for those of us who like trading in-play live bets


I onced placed R10 K bets with Supabets…I understand that it’s no small amount to bet with for some people (myself included but I did anyway lol), even the bet houses would perhaps be a little hesitant to whether or not accept bet from a punter who would play for that much. Supabets put my bets on ‘pending’ for too long and only accepted after 20 mins into kickoff, sometimes they declined and obviously I felt a bit cheated. Does WSB do that too, anyone who has staked this much before in here perhaps – even from any other bookies… Read more »