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There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch the big game when your data runs out. Especially when you’ve spent a good part of the day thinking over your bets—and just can’t wait to see if they’ll be winners!

So now what? Running back to the shop for more data is out of the question. Messing around on your phone to top up once the game is underway isn’t ideal either… you might miss a pivotal match moment or the chance to celebrate a cracking goal with your friends. 

And even if you can live with all of that, what if you just don’t have any spare cash to buy data so you can place your bets?

Relax. You can stay right where you are without having to buy airtime or missing even a second of the game. Access the Supabets Data Free site on your cell phone or desktop without using any of your precious data. This data-free service is like being on WiFi as long as you’re only browsing the Supabets site. Betway was the first bookie in South Africa to offer data free betting in South Africa and now Supabets have also got on the bandwagon. The more the merrier, we say! 

In this article, we’ll give you steps for how to access the Supabets Data Free Site, list the data-free Supabets products available, and even share some money-saving tips for when you can’t use a data-free site.

How to Use The Supabets Data Free Site 

There are two easy ways to access the Supabets Data Free Site. The first option is to SMS “DataFree” to 30978. Simply follow the instructions you receive on your cellphone for what to do next.

Another way to access Supabets without spending any airtime is to visit their Data Free Site. Here you can browse the site as if you were using mobile data without ever worrying about running out.

What Can I Do On The Supabets Data Free Site?

Sports bettors are especially well taken care of on the Supabets Data Free Site. While browsing data-free you will have access to all pre-match and live sports, which includes horse racing. Lucky Numbers on lotteries from around the world is available too. 

Available on the Supabets Data Free Site:

  • Pre-match and in-play sports, including horse racing

At the time of writing (July 2020), the Supabets Data Free Site recently launched and doesn’t yet include Jika Sports, Live Games, Betgames, Keno and Mo-China (Fafi). It’s still early days, and we expect more products will be added to their data-free offering soon.

Still coming to the Supabets Data Free Site:

  • Jika Sports
  • Live Games
  • Betgames
  • Keno
  • Mo-China (Fafi)

How To Make Sure You’re Not Using Data

The biggest worry for most of us when using a data-free site is that we go about our business without realising we’re being billed for data. You shouldn’t have to worry about that on the Supabets Data Free Site and we’ll help to give you peace of mind.

To check that you’re browsing data-free, go to your phone settings and turn off your mobile data. If you can still navigate the site after taking this step then you know for sure you’re using it free of charge. It’s that easy. With that, you’re free to take your sweet time browsing the site and placing bets on upcoming sports games. And as long as you stay on the Supabets site, you won’t be charged. 

Thankfully, there is a safety net though too. If you happen to click on something that isn’t included in the Supabets data-free offering, you’ll be notified and asked if you still want to continue.

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Other Data Saving Tips To Remember

Even when you aren’t able to use a data-free betting site, there are still steps you can take to reduce your data use and save money.

Use another bookmaker for Data Free Betting

Several other South African bookmakers offer a data free site where you can bet on sports, lucky numbers and more. Including trusted and popular SA betting sites like Betway, World Sports Betting and Gbets.

Always Buy a Data Bundle

For many people, this will be a no-brainer but always buy a data bundle to save costs. Browsing websites and even using messaging services like WhatsApp without a data bundle from your network provider is up to 10 times more expensive!

Connect To WiFi Wherever Possible

A number of shopping malls, coffee shops, taxi ranks and airports have free WiFi. If you don’t know the login details, just ask around.

Turn Off Data-Heavy Apps You Aren’t Using

Some apps use more data than others. In your phone settings, the apps will be displayed in order from the highest data usage to the lowest. You may want to uninstall any apps that use a lot of data or restrict how much background data they use (see below).

Turn Off Background Data (for Android phones)

  1. Open Settings and tap ‘Connections” > ‘Data Usage’
  2. Scroll down to view a list of your Android apps sorted by data usage. Or tap ‘Mobile Data Usage’ to view them
  3. Tap the app you don’t want to connect to mobile data and turn off ‘Allow Background Data Usage’
  4. Go back and repeat the process until you have turned off background data usage for all the apps you aren’t using

Turn Off Auto Updates (for Android phones)

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines on the top-left)
  3. Tap ‘Settings’ > ‘Update Apps’
  4. Select ‘Don’t Auto-Update Apps’ and tap done. Now you won’t incur data charges via software updates unknowingly

Only Stream When You’re On WiFi

Reading webpages on the internet uses the least amount of data. Looking at pictures and video (e.g. Instagram, Facebook) use a lot more data than text, but streaming (Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, etc) eats up the biggest amount of data. To save on data costs, only listen to music and watch videos when you’re securely connected to WiFi.

Use Lite Apps

Facebook and Twitter both have mobile versions of their sites that use less data.

  • Facebook Lite
  • Twitter Lite

If Vodacom is your network provider, the Facebook app can be switched to Data Saver mode. Open the app and tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines on the top-left). Scroll down and tap ‘Settings & Privacy’ > ‘Data Saver’. Make sure the slider is in the ON position. This will reduce image size and stop videos from playing automatically to help use less data.

If Cell C is your network provider, you can access Facebook and some other apps for free through Facebook Free Basics.

Turn Off 4G

If your phone is using a 4G data connection, turning it off will reduce your data and battery usage while limiting your internet speed. To turn off 4G, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Connections’ > ‘Mobile Networks’ > ‘Network Mode’ and ensure it’s not set to 4G or LTE.

Buy a Dual-SIM Phone

With a dual-SIM phone, you can take advantage of any data deals available on two different mobile networks. Depending on which data is cheapest at the time, you can switch between networks and get the best of both worlds.

We hope you enjoyed readingit’s been a pleasure bringing you this exciting news about the Supabets Data Free Site! With Supabets and Betway leading the charge in this area, it gives us plenty of hope for a time in the near future when all bookies offer a data-free site and punters won’t have to spend a cent to place their bets!

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