Supabets Cash Out

Supabets have joined the growing number of bookmakers who offer cash out with the launch of Supabets Cash Out. They join the likes of Sunbet, Betway, Sportingbet and Betxchange as South African bookmakers who offer this service. We’d firstly like to congratulate Supabets on their cash out launch, as the more bookmakers that move over to punter orientated products the better. Here’s a quick look and explain on how cash out at Supabets works.

Supabets Cash Out

Cashout offers you the opportunity to take an early payout before your bets are resulted, allowing you to get money back before the event is over and your bet is settled.

The amount you will be offered will be based on the actual odds at the time you opt for the cashout offer, and will never be more than the total potential win of the original betslip.

Supabets Cash Out Examples

Multi / Accumulator Bets

  • You place a 5-legged multiple for a stake of R10 and total odds of 3.5 (standing to win R35)
  • The first three games go your way, but you aren’t sure about the remaining 2 selections – we may offer you a Cashout of R22, depending on the odds at the time. You can
  • Take the Cashout before the last 2 games start for a profit of R12.
  • Wait for the last 2 games to start and check for a Cashout offer mid-game – depending on the game situation.
  • Ignore the Cashout and stick to your original bet.

Single Bets

  • You place a single R10 bet on Manchester United to beat Liverpool at odds of 1.8 (standing to win R18)
  • Manchester United score first in the game, increasing the chances of winning your bet. We may offer you a Cashout of R14. You can:
  • Take the R14 for a profit of R4
  • Ignore the Cashout and stick to you original bet
  • Liverpool scores first, decreasing the chances of winning your bet. We may offer you a Cashout of R6. You can:
  • Take the R6 for a small loss
  • Ignore the Cashout and stick to your original bet

Supabets Cash Out Terms

  • Cashout makes it possible to exit your bet before the final result is in.
  • In the case of a multiple coupon, all bets in the coupon must be winning at the time of Cashout.
  • In the case of live events, only certain soccer markets will be available for Cashout – no other sports will have this feature available for live events.
  • If Cashout is being used on a coupon with a Multiple Bonus, the Bonus amount will be fully recalculated based on the number of winning events at the time of Cashout.
  • Supabets reserves the right at all times to reject or remove a Cashout opportunity at our discretion.
  • Once a Cashout offer is accepted, the initial bet is considered settled and closed – with no further winnings available from that bet.

You can view all the terms and conditions for Supabets cash out on the official Supabets site. If you’d like to know more about Supabets then have a read through our Supabets review.

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