Bet2Go South Africa

Bet2Go is an online sports betting odds comparasion app which allows punters to select the best odds at the bookmaker of their choice, all using one app.

We’ve heard rumours of their entry into the South African market so we’ve decided to list some of their features, for if they do decide to launch here.

Bet2Go South Africa

What is Bet2Go

Bet2Go is a state-of-the-art betting App that is integrated with bookmakers to provide users with the simplest, and quickest, way to compare odds and place bets and obtain Free Bets. You can open up bookmaker accounts, deposit and withdraw money, and of course place bets, all without leaving the app.

The browsing is lightning fast, so you can find the best odds and tips fast and efficiently. Placing a bet takes no more than 30 seconds from starting up the app, and you will get your bet confirmation immediately.

Bet2Go Coverage

Bet2Go covers all major sports ,and offers a very large selection of events and bet types for each, Match Betting etc. Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, NFL, NBL, and many more. Also “Special Sports Events” such as the World Cup, Ascot, Wimbledon, The Masters Golf and more..

The app carries thousands of events, and over half a million odds at any time, all at your fingertips when you want them. We also have live odds so you can place your bets even during an event. Additionally, those interested in accumulators, you can also compare odds on those in the app.

You will never place a bet again that is not at the best price in the market, as we have all the latest betting odds.

Bet2Go account management

You can manage your accounts with the major bookmakers on our service. Open up an account you don’t have yet, with 1 click, or add the ones you have already to check out where your money is with one quick glance.

And we even enable you to withdraw your winnings, or deposit money into your account to place your bets. All this in just one or two clicks.

Placing bets with Bet2Go

Place bets securely and quickly, from within the app. There is no need to log in to a bookmaker website, as we do all of the boring work in the background.

We’re hope you’re as excited as we are about the prospect of Bet2Go operating locally, it really should shake up the betting market and give punters more choice and power. We’ll update this article with any news of the Bet2Go launch.


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