Betway Lucky Numbers

Betway have launched their own fantastic Betway Lucky Numbers betting product, we’re going to tell you how it works and how you can play. If you’d like to know more about Betway you can read our Betway review or you can sign up with Betway by clicking here.

Betway Lucky Numbers

Betway have surprised punters with the launch of their lucky numbers product, which we think will complement their betting offering substantially. With coverage of 160+ Lucky Numbers games, we will show you how to quickly start playing Betway Lucky Numbers so that you don’t miss out.

How to play Betway Lucky numbers

To begin wagering select your preferred Betway Lucky Numbers game by clicking on the “BET” button. Choose from our extensive list of international Lucky Numbers draws by searching available draws on the Lucky Numbers page or find the most recent upcoming draws on the home page carousel.

Numerous Lucky Numbers draws take place regularly offering you the chance to win every day of the week. Once you have selected the Lucky Numbers you will be provided with betting market types available for your selected game.

Bet on the numbers you want

Varying selection ranges, above or below predicted sums and odd or even options are easy and quick to choose. On completion of choosing your market, your wager will be added to the betslip. Finalise your wager by selecting the “BET” button.

By selecting the Regular Draw option you can choose your own numbers. If your pick matches the Lucky Numbers results exactly you will win your wager. The prize will be the multiple of the stake and the odds within the wagered market.

Other markets types, such as Draw Sum, allow wagering on the outcome of Lucky Numbers e.g. whether, for a particular draw, the sum of balls drawn will be odd or even. Remember, there can be only one unique bet per outcome, per wager, for the side markets.

Placing your Betway Lucky Numbers Bets

You may wager on multiple draws by changing the draws option. The draws available are limited to draws within a week period. Rapid Lucky Numbers, which occur in a very short space of time, will have a maximum of 10 draws available.

Similarly, you can change your stake per wager. Each wager entry will display the possible winnings for all your selected draws. This amount is the total sum of all your wagers as if you had won every wager.

Once you have verified your wager information, complete your transaction by pressing the “BET” button.

We’d like to congratulate Betway on their lucky numbers product as it’s really something special and we hope to see more improvements from them in the future.





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