Sportingbet Edit My Bet Explained

Sportingbet continue to impress us with their implementation of betting features, the lastest of which is Sportingbet Edit my Bet. Which allows you to alter teams or your stake after you’ve placed your bet, a very nifty feature!

We think this a fantastic product which complements cash out and auto cash out very well, currently Sportingbet are the only bookmaker in South Africa to offer Edit my Bet. So with that in mind we’re going to run through what edit my bet does and how it works. If you don’t have a Sportingbet account then click here to register or have a glance at our Sportingbet Review.

Sportingbet Edit my Bet

What is Edit My Bet?

The sporting action never stands still, so why should your bet? Edit My Bet gives you more control over your betting, allowing you to change any single or Multi bet that has Cash Out available. Gone are the days of placing your bet and waiting for the result – don’t like how your bet is going? Then change it! Feeling even more confident once the action begins? Add selections or increase your stake to boost your potential winnings. Bets can be amended by adding, swapping or removing selections, as well as adding additional stake.

When is Edit My Bet available?

You can edit any eligible bet which offers Cash Out and has unsettled selections where the outcome / result of the eligible bet has not already been determined.

This means that even if a number of selections within a Multi bet have already been settled, Edit My Bet can still be used if Cash Out is available. If Cash Out is temporarily unavailable, Edit My Bet shall not be available. For example if a selection is locked, Edit My Bet will be unavailable until that selection is unlocked.

How do I edit a bet?

You can edit your bet via the “My bets” section of your Sportingbet player account where the feature is shown as available. Simply select the ‘Edit Bet’ label on the bet card you want to edit; your bet will now be placed in “edit mode” where certain edit features will be available. If you change your mind you can always cancel any edits you’ve made before you save changes.

You must save any edits you make before the new bet placement is made. Once saved, a new bet will be placed which will reflect the edits you’ve made. If your edits are not saved, your existing bet will still be in place and it shall be subject to changes in Cash Out value or status e.g. if a market finishes it will be settled accordingly. This can affect the availability of Edit My Bet.

What can be edited on a bet?

Add Selection – Missed a selection from your Multi bet or like the start a team has had in their match? Now you can add those selections to existing bets.

Swap Selection – You’re team’s best player has been ruled out and you think that will change the outcome or your player is 1 set down and showing signs of fatigue – if your view has changed then swap the selection.

Remove Selection – Your team hasn’t started well in the game and are reduced to 10 men, now you can remove that selection from your bet and rest easy that the potential loss won’t affect your bet.

Increase Stake – Want to increase your potential winnings? Feeling more confident than ever now that team news is out? Your selection has a commanding lead? Top up the stake of your bet and boost the return.

How do I add a selection to a bet?

Once ‘Edit Bet’ has been selected, your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To add a selection to you bet, select the ‘Add Selection’ label placed above the current selections in your bet. You are now able to browse the Sports product and pick from all available selections. Once you have picked the selections you want to add, select ‘Add to Bet’ which will add the new selections to your existing bet. To confirm your choices and confirm your new bet selections, use the ‘Save Changes’ option.

Whilst adding selections you can cancel at any time which will take you back to the Edit My Bet view. If you have picked a selection that you no longer want to add whilst navigating the product, you can expand the selections view at the bottom of the screen and remove any selections you no longer wish to add to your bet.

How do I swap a selection in a bet?

Once ‘Edit Bet’ has been selected your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To swap a selection, select the swap icon to the left of the selection you wish to swap. You will then be presented with the relevant swap options. Pick the selection you want to switch to and select the ‘Confirm’ button. Once you are happy with the changes you can select ‘Save Changes’.

How do I remove a selection from a bet?

Once ‘Edit Bet’ has been selected your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To remove a selection, select the remove icon to the right of the selection you wish to remove. This will strike through the selection and bet information will be updated. Once you are happy with the changes you can select ‘Save Changes’.

How do I increase the stake on my bet?

Once ‘Edit Bet’ has been selected your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To increase the stake, select the ‘Add Stake’ option which sits next to the current Stake amount. You will be presented with a keypad to enter the additional stake you want to add to your bet. Once you are happy with the amount select ‘OK’ and you will come back to the Edit Bet view.

Here you can review the bet and select the edit stake icon should you wish to change the additional stake you are looking to add to your bet. Once you are happy with the changes select ‘Save Changes’. The stake of your new bet will be the stake from the Cash Out value of your current bet, plus the additional stake you have added.

If you’d like to know more about Sportingbet Edit my Bet then head over to the Edit my Bet Terms and Conditions where they have everything covered. If you don’t have an account with Sportingbet you can sign up quickly and easily from your mobile or desktop.

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