Soccer 13 Fixtures

Are you looking for the latest soccer 13 fixtures so that you can plan your next soccer 13 winner? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll be guiding you to various sites that have the latest soccer 13 information in this post. If you like Soccer 13 then don’t forget to check out our Soccer 13 Tips.

Soccer 13 Fixture lists

All the sites we’ve covered below offer some form of Soccer 13 betting. We’ve listed the most popular ones along with links that take you to their latest Soccer 13 fixture list. We know it can be tough to find the latest ones. Which is why we think the below sites are a great help to soccer 13 players.

Soccer 13 tab fixtures

The official Soccer 6 site lists the latest fixtures as well as their recent form. They also allow you to check the head to head of each match. Which is useful when it comes to planning your soccer 13 betting strategy. They also display useful information such as when betting for the pool opens and closes, the current pool and the pool codes. Click here to visit their fixture list.

Sportstake Fixtures Ithuba

Sportstake 13 is similar to soccer 13 and many punters refer to sportstake 13 as soccer 13. Things can be a bit confusing! However Sportstake 13 have their very own sportstake game, with it’s own set of fixtures. To view the latest sportstake 13 fixtures on the official Ithuba site you’ll need to click here. It can be difficult to access the latest ones without the above link.

If you’d like to access them yourself, simply go to the Ithuba site and click on the following : Results > Soccer 13. This will take you to the latest Sportstake 13 fixtures. We’re not sure why they put it under results, but now you know where to find it!

Interbet Fixtures

Interbet have a handy and easy to use soccer 6, 10 and 13 fixtures page. Simply head over to Interbet and click on the Soccer 13 fixture button. You’ll get the latest fixtures, tips, results, payouts and more.

Carry overs

You can find all the latest carry over information on the official TAB site. Here they display the current carry over amount and estimated pool prize for the next set of fixtures.

We hope you found our guide on where to find the latest soccer 13 fixture lists useful. Let us know in the comments if you know of any other sites that post up to date soccer 13 information. We’d be happy to include them here. We’ve also got an entire section dedicated to Sportstake and Tote betting that you might find useful.

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