Ipay spin to win explained

There’s been a lot of talk about the Ipay spin to win competition, most punters can enter it when using Ipay as a deposit method. We’re going to give a brief overview of the Ipay spin to win game as well as what we really think of it in this post.

How Ipay Spin to win works

Ipay is a deposit method that many bookmakers offer, it is essentially an instant EFT that clears immediately. Once you’ve made your deposit you get a chance to spin a wheel that has several different prizes you can win. Prizes range from a R100 voucher to a refund up to R10,000. You simply spin the wheel and see where the pointer lands. What ever it lands on is your prize.

The Problem with Ipay Spin to win

While the game itself is a nice distravtion it seems like you never win anything. We’ve spun the wheel dozens and dozens of times and the result is almost always “Unlucky”. The only time we’ve not had unlucky is when we landed on free spin, which you guessed it, landed on unlucky anyway. This is an extremely frustrating as several bookmakers market the product as if you have a genuine chance of winning. However, you soon realize that you do not.

Additionally the same system is being used across other platforms, such as Takealot. Which likely sees loads of customers spinning the wheel. As far as we understand it there are only a set amount of winners each month. So it does not matter which platform they are using as Ipay themselves are the ones that award the prize. We’ve never heard of anyone winning anything on the wheel which is a shame as it’s a fantastic idea.

How we think Ipay spin to win works

We reached out to Ipay asking them to clarify the amount of winners and got no response. So we’re having to build our argument based on experience and the Ipay spin to win competition terms and conditions. We’ve concluded that only a set amount of customers across all of Ipay’s platforms will win a prize, which is disappointing as it’s a service most punters use regularly.

We had a search for previous winners and could not come up with any sort of pattern as winners don’t seem to be published on any of their media. We have seen the odd post from a bookmaker but nothing from Ipay themselves. We’d estimate that their are only a handful of winners every month and that your chances of even winning anything decent are minimal, it’s better to buy a lottery ticket as you’ll have a better chance of winning something!

Should you continue using Ipay?

Regardless of the Ipay spin to win’s lack of winners, we know we’ll continue using Ipay. However we’ve honestly stopped spinning the wheel as it seems completely redundant and there is no excitement in knowing you’re going to get the sorry or unlucky message. It’s become such a hassle, especially when wanting to bet inplay, that we no longer spin the wheel at all. We’re still extremely happy with the Ipay service itself but the wheel needs to give out some more prizes.

Have you won anything on the Ipay spin to win wheel? Let us know in the comments below. If you think we missed something in our article then feel welcome to give us a shout and we can have a look.



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I never won a cent ,its a wast of time to spin the wheel


Ipay spin and win is a scam, I never won ever. Don’t bother.