MG Sports Betting now offer Cash Out

MG Sports Betting have added cash out as a betting feature for customers to use. Players can now use cash out on single and accumulator bets on a variety of sports. In this guide we’re going to run through exactly how to cash out your next bet.

How to use cash out on MG Sports Betting

Using cash out on MG Sports Betting is similar to what you’d find at other sports betting sites, here’s how it works;

  • Login to your account and click on My Bets on your profile
  • Search for the bet you want to cash out and click the cash out button
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm your cash out by clicking confirm
  • Once you’ve cashed out the funds will be credited into your betting account
  • The betslip will now display the bet as “Cashed Out”

More on MG Sports Betting’s Cash Out

Cash Out today and never be caught empty-handed again at! We’ve all been there before, your team are playing against their arch-rivals and are slight underdogs going into the match. However, after a tense opening half-hour your team grabs a vital opening goal. Half-time comes and goes with your team still edging the opposition, who have seemingly grown in confidence. You watch and wait with bated breath as the inevitable happens and the other teams equalizes with just minutes left on the clock. 

Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, your team makes a sluggish start to the match and to your horror, the pressure eventually tells as your centre-back is caught out of position and brings down the far quicker striker, resulting in an early penalty and red card. It goes from bad to worse from there on for your team, as they get taught a football lesson.

If only you had the opportunity to cash in a profit with your team ahead in the first scenario or could have cut your losses, and claimed back some of your initial stake, after your team’s sluggish start. Now you can, by simply making use of the Cash Out feature!

Cash Out brings you closer to the action than you’ve ever been, by giving you total control of your bets. You can even make use of the Cash Out feature for accumulator bets, giving you the power to cash out before the dreaded final leg.

The Cash Out amount is calculated based on the current odds and is subject to change depending on when you chose to accept a Cash Out. To check if Cash Out is available for a placed bet, simply select the “My bets” section and see “Cash Out Status.”

Never be left empty handed again, whether you’re taking a single bet or an audacious acca, register at Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting and Cash Out today!

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