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First off thank you for the emails you’ve sent through. We made the site for you guys and the response has been awesome.

We’ve had several mails with similar questions and thought we’d use them as an opportunity to make this FAQ post. We’ve edited the emails into manageable questions for your reading convenience, so lets get stuck in!

Why do you rate some bad bookies higher than some than have a good site etc?

Well there are several things that go into our ratings such as communication, user experience, customer service, bonuses etc. There are also other factors that we take into account such as popularity, adaptability and future proofing. This may swing the scales from time to time but we’ll cover that in more detail in another post.

Why are my betting accounts / will my betting accounts get limited / closed?

This is a tough one we get often, it varies from individual to individual but we can share some of the basics. Don’t abuse bookie mistakes, they catch on quick and they don’t want a punter who is looking to take them to the cleaners on mistakes they’ve made. Don’t abuse bonuses and promotions, this one is pretty self explanatory. Bookies will often look for behaviour in a punter that matches a general profile of someone they don’t want and they will get rid of you before you have taken them for too much. Guys, we can go on and on about this topic, if you are having a problem or want to know why you are limited then email us what you’ve been betting on and where, we’ll be able to tell you what you did / or didn’t do wrong.

My betting account is limited, how can I get it changed?

It ain’t happening, move on to another bookie would be our best advice.

Do bookies pay you for good reviews?

Absolutely not, all of our reviews are independently done and we will not accept payment for a higher score or more favourable review. We will however contact bookies and try keep them engaged in the process and we don’t know everything and they can offer up some good information. Bookies who are helpful do tend to score slightly higher, because it shows they care.

I want to do some reviews for Best Sports Betting. How can I do this?

Send us an email with a topic you’d like to talk about and one that you think would bring value. If we like it we’d be happy to publish it on the site.

That’s all for now guys and girls. We’ll keep this section updated so if you have any other questions or comments give us a shout.

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