Joining Facebook Betting Groups

Facebook is a popular hangout for South African punters for several reasons. The first being that the platform is easily accessible from even basic smartphones and the second is that the betting community is huge and varied. The number of South African Facebook users is expected to hit nearly 20 million by 2023, up from the 16.2 million users in 2018.

As with the normal world a percentage of these users are punters who join various Facebook betting groups that provide community tips, discussions and betting strategies. In this blog post we are going to be having a quick look at the Facebook betting community as well as it’s various benefits and dangers.

Why groups and not pages?

The average Facebook user will likely not have come across many of these groups without searching or having the group shared with them. One of the reasons punters have turned to groups over pages is that everyone has an equal voice in a group.

My post about how I’m backing Spurs to beat Everton can be easily read and accessed by other group users. Resulting in a much more open debate and giving access to hundreds of different or similar view points. Much like an online sports betting forum, but on Facebook. You don’t get this kind of engagement with fellow punters on a page, in most cases.

What to expect from a betting group

One of the biggest issues with using a betting group is that it depends heavily on community moderation. Groups that are well moderated can offer some interesting betting insights and betting advice. You’ll see posts from punters asking for betting tips, providing betting tips, asking for feedback on tickets and more.

It’s not just limited to sports as you’ll find Facebook groups for Betgames, Lotto Numbers, Sportstake, Soccer 10 /13 and more. There are some very interesting betting strategies and approaches out there, and groups expose you to many of these. There are however a few drawbacks.

The boom brigade are punters who only post their winnings tickets, much to the annoyance of other users. Another issue affecting betting groups are scams, many groups are rife with telegram spam. Whatsapp groups post, people selling fixed matches etc. These groups are best avoided as you’ll have to do lots of digging through the spam posts to find anything of value.

Picking the right group

There are literally hundreds of Facebook betting groups with hundreds of thousands of users. A popular group called Hollywoodbets friends tips has over 317,000 users and is hands down the biggest on the platform, but is plagued by spam and scammers, much like many groups of it’s size. Unless a large group is heavily moderated it’s best to avoid it and the spam.

The trick to finding a good group is the balance between size and moderation. Many punters rush off to join the biggest group, thinking that bigger is better. It’s not, you want to find smaller Facebook groups of around 5000 to 10000 users. Any groups larger than that will need to be heavily moderated if they are to provide a punter any value.

The first thing to do when joining a group is to check for spam, looks through the groups and if you see anything that is not betting related then don’t stick around. Yes there will be spam posts that slip through the cracks but if you’ll seen 10 posts and 2 are spam it’s already a bad sign.

Next have a look at what’s been discussed in the group, if you are in a Betgames group then that should be the topic of focus. A Sportingbet group should have punters talking about Sportingbet and so on. If the topics are interesting, the group well moderated and the members friendly it could be the group for you!

Popular Facebook Betting Groups

Many groups are focused on bookmakers, making them easier to find so be sure to search for terms like WSB tips or Betway Tips when looking for groups. Below are some of the biggest Facebook groups as a start, we recommend you have a look for smaller groups to join though;

  • Hollywoodbets Friends Tips (317K Users)
  • Hollywoodbets Tips (61K Users)
  • The Ultimate Lotto Predictors (35K users)
  • Betway Friends Tips (33K Users)
  • Betgames Fans (1.3K Users)
  • South African Sports Betting Community (12K Users)

Are you in a Facebook betting group? What has your experience been like? Let us know in the comments below.

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