Evolution Live Dealer Online Craps

Craps is one of the few casino games that has been missing from online casinos and bookmakers, but that has all changed with the launch of online craps, now available in South Africa at Hollywoodbets and World Sports Betting. Online Craps by Evolution features a live dealer in a stunning set, with all the same betting options that you would find playing on a Craps table in a casino. In this guide we are going to have a brief look at what to expect when rolling the dice on this fantastic new game.

What is Online Craps

Online Craps is a new entertaining and exciting game of chance played with two regular dice with face values from 1 to 6. The objective of the game is to predict the outcome of the two dice total, based on your selected bets. The game is based off the popular casino game and has been brought to your screens by the popular game games provider, Evolution.

Those who aren’t too familiar with Craps and how it works can use the handy guide provided in game by clicking on the help button. Evolution have done a great job of explaining the game mechanics, betting options and payout and we recommend you give it a read before getting involved in any bets.

Those looking for a more detailed guide on how craps works and how to play should check out this craps wiki guide. Which explains the game and the different betting options in detail.

Live Dealer Online Craps Betting Options

As one would expect there are a wide variety of betting option available to players. Ranging from betting on a certain number to be rolled to some of the interesting side bets like the legendary snake eyes. The odds on offer are good, which will appeal to all types of punters and casino players.

Craps Payouts and Odds

The odds and payouts for all the different betting options are available on the top left of the screen. Simply hover over the top left and they’ll be on display, but we’ve also posted them below for your convenience.

Where to play Online Craps in South Africa

World Sports Betting were the first bookmaker to launch the game and you can enjoying playing from R5 a bet on WSB. They also have a wide variety of other casino games on offer if Craps isn’t your thing. You can also enjoy the Craps game at Hollywoodbets. Being a Evolution product we expect more South African bookmakers to add the game to their lobbies in the coming weeks, we also expect a wider international release for punters from Europe and the US soon.

First Person Craps

Those looking to play at a slower pace can also enjoy First Person Craps, which is a virtual version of the live dealer game. Once again this only available on WSB at the moment. If you are new to Craps we recommend having a go at the first person version before venturing into the live dealer one. Just to get the hang of things before hitting the faster paced live dealer game.

Our Final Thoughts

Live Online Craps is a great experience for fans of traditional casino Craps, and fans of the game will love the online version. Evolution have outdone themselves once again, the studio is amazing and feels like something you’d find in a high end casino. The betting options and odds are good and we have no hesitation in recommending it to fans of casino games.

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