First Person Live Games Guide

If you’re already a fan of Blackjack, Roulette and other online casino games you’ll love the quick tempo of First Person Live Games available at World Sports Betting and Supabets. Virtual draws mean there’s no need to wait for the next round to start playing. The simple graphics and gameplay of First Person Live games also allow them to run especially well on slower phones and internet speeds.

We get you ready for the exciting world of First Person Live Games with a few previews so you know what to expect and how to play.

Why Play First Person Live Games?

First Person Live Games put the power in your hands to control when the draw happens or the next cards are dealt. There’s nobody else playing with you, so you never have to wait to get started. On the other hand, you can also take as much time as you like placing your bets. Just push a button to activate the draw or deal whenever you’re ready.

With First Person Live Games, you can get through more rounds in a single session as the gameplay is faster than with the traditional Live Games you might be used to. The main drawback to the First Person format is that without a live presenter hosting the games, there’s some level of fun and engagement lacking from the experience.

How To Play First Person Live Games?

The basics of playing First Person Live Games are the same as traditional online casino games, the only difference being they are not hosted by real presenters live in-studio. If you aren’t sure how these games work, we recommend reading our Live Games Guide to see how they are played before you try any of the First Person Live Games. 

Where To Play First Person Live Games In South Africa

For now, your go-to online betting sites for First Person Live Games are World Sports Betting and Supabets. While not every online betting site is offering these games at the time of writing, they should be widely available at most South African bookies soon enough.

First Person Live Games available in South Africa

There are few first person games that South Africans can enjoy legally betting on with local bookmakers. We’re sure the range of games offered by Evolution Gaming will increase as they gain popularity, but for now you can enjoy the following first person live games;

First Person Mega Ball 100x

The draws in First Person Mega Ball 100x aren’t scheduled to take place every few minutes like with traditional Mega Ball and instead happen only once you place your bets. If you’ve played the original game, you’ll be pleased to know all the same great betting options are available. You can choose the number of cards you want to buy (1, 10, 15, 25) and adjust the value of each card from R1 to R100. For example, 10 cards @ R2 per card will cost you R20 for the draw.

When you hit Play to activate the draw, the balls are revealed in just a few seconds rather than the two minutes or so it takes in the traditional Mega Ball 100x game. You can find information such as How To Play, Win Patterns and the Mega Ball Paytable on the left side of the game screen. On the right, set Autoplay for 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 rounds if you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the action.

To see how First Person Mega Ball 100x works, check our video and watch us play.

First Person Blackjack

First Person Blackjack is an interesting take on the popular online casino game which gives punters the option to play up to five hands simultaneously and also place side bets for a little extra fun! You start each round by choosing how many hands you’d like to play and how much you would like to bet on each hand. The cards are then dealt from a virtual shoe before you move around the table making your decision to hit, stand, split or double up for each hand.

Aside from the standard bets against the dealer, you can also bet on Perfect Pairs and 21+3. Pairs from your first two cards must either be the same suit and the same colour; the same colour and a different suite; or the same suit and a different colour. To win on 21+3, your first two cards combined with the dealer’s first card must make a three of a kind, suited three of a kind, straight, flush or a straight flush.

To see how First Person Blackjack works, check our video and watch us play.

First Person Dream Catcher

Based on the popular money wheel game, First Person Dream Catcher is now even easier and quicker to play. Just bet on the number where you think the wheel will stop. Your bet will be multiplied by that number if you’re right. The only difference is that you control when the wheel spins, so play as fast or slow as you like.

The major drawback of First Person Dream Catcher is that—aside from when you hit multipliers—the wheel moves so fast that it’s impossible to guess where it will land up, even after spinning for a while. Anticipating where the wheel will stop is a big part of the fun of playing Dream Catcher, which is sorely missing from the First Person version of the game.

To see how First Person Dream Catcher works, check our video and watch us play.

Which Other First Person Lives Games Are Available?

Aside from the three games we have previewed above, Lightning Roulette, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Football Studio are some of the other First Person Live Games currently available to play at World Sports Betting and Supabets.

Just right? Too fast? Not engaging enough? Tell us in the comments below what you think about the First Person Live Games you’ve played so far.

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