Does Betting research work?

A good question, one that all punters have asked at some point is does betting research help you win bets?

Well here at Best Sports Betting we do put a fair bit of research into our picks, so we’ve decided to run an experiment to answer the does betting research work question!

100% Match up to R500!

For this we’re going to go with 3 different approaches which are explained below :

The Public. These are bets that the public would make with zero research. The public tends to lean towards big teams and ones that are historically good. The odds will likely be shorter as the public loves a favourite so don’t be surprised if the public has a good run and ends up with a profit! If you think we’ve made a misstep with our public picks then let us know in the comments.

The Average Joe. We’ll be calling these picks AJ picks. The AJ knows a fair bit about sport and typically does a little bit of research before making his picks. We’ll be doing the bare minimum of research for AJ’s picks but they should be significantly more knowledgable than the Public’s picks. The Average Joe looks at bets that are 9/10 or have some good data backing them.

The Sharp. Sharp punters put alot of research and analysis into their picks. These are the guys that show a good profit long term. We will be putting in a fair bit of research for these picks but we won’t be putting as much as sharp would. Why? Well because of the number of picks we’ll be taking, once we feel we have an edge or a pattern we will make the pick. Doing otherwise for this experiment will be too time consuming!

The Format :

The Public, AJ and the Sharp will be making selections on the same matches. Some of the picks may overlap as there are only so many outcomes / markets that we’ll be looking at. We’ll record the outcome in a table at the bottom of article. To keep things interesting we’ve decided to stick to 3 sports, Rugby, Football and NFL. We will be putting down a bet of 100 units on each bet and tally them once all matches have resulted. Anyway onto the matches and the picks!

The 10 Picks at 100 units each :

Arsenal v Tottenham – Football

The Public : Arsenal win. (Arsenal have home ground) 14/10 (Won)

Average Joe : Both Teams to score. (Strong historical data) (Lost)

The Sharp : Under 2.5 goals. (Trend and return from international break) 13/10 (Won)

Leicester v Manchester City – Football

The Public : Manchester City Win. (City are the best team, bruh) 3/10 (Won)

Average Joe : Over 3.5 Goals (Cities last 3 matches had 4 goals or more) (Lost)

The Sharp : Manchester City to win and over 2.5 goals (Away form, away scoring form & home teams defensive record) (Lost)

Manchester United v Newcastle United – Football

The Public : Manchester United (The better team) 1/4 (Won)

Average Joe : Manchester United -1 (Would have landed in 6 of the last 7 home games) 8/10 (won)

The Sharp : Manchester United to win and keep a clean sheet (Utd’s shtrong home defensive record & Newcastle’s struggles to score on the road) (lost)

Athletico Madrid v Real Madrid – Football

The Public : Real Madrid to win (Ronaldo, bruh!) (Lost)

Average Joe : Under 2.5 goal (Derby, tight game) 8/10 (Won)

The Sharp : Athletico DNB (They’ve been average at home with 3 draws in a row but Real have struggled on the road) (Psh)

France v South Africa – Rugby

The Public : South Africa (We’ll bounce back after the loss to the Irish, bruh!) 13/10 (Won)

Average Joe : South Africa +3.5 (We beat the French 3 times when they toured SA) 8/10 (Won)

The Sharp : France -3.5 (SA are trash and France were out muscled in their tour against a confident Bok side, that side is no longer confident) (Lost)

England v Australia – Rugby

The Public : England (Eddie Jones my bruh!) 3/10 (Won)

Average Joe : England -8.5 (They’re the 2nd best side in the world and are in good form) 8/10 (won)

The Sharp : England 1-12 (The English are slipping in form while Aus are on the upswing, England to win a close game) (Lost)

Italy v Argentina – Rugby

The Public : Italy (They beat the Boks, Bruh!) (Lost)

Average Joe : Argentina -4.5 (They gave England one hellva run and have RC experience under their belts) 9/10 (Won) 

The Sharp : Italy +3.5 HT ( Italy start games very strongly but fade in the second half, stats and form back this up) 9/10 (Won)

New Orleans Saints v Washington Redskins

The Public : Saints -7.5 (Saints, bruh!) (Lost)

Average Joe : Saints -7.5 (Saints have won their last 7 matches) (Lost)

The Sharp : Saints -7.5 (Saints recent home form is impeccable and Skins are in for a letdown after a big win against Seattle) (Lost)

New York Giants v Kansas City Chiefs

The Public : Kansas City Chiefs -10.5 (They’re top of their division, bruh) (Lost)

Average Joe : Giants +10.5 ( Double digits at home is crazy, even if the Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Giants to lose but not by that big of a number) 9/10 (Won)

The Sharp : Over 43.5 points (The Chiefs have been racking up the points on the road and are taking on a Giants side that leaks points for fun) (Lost)

Oakland Raiders v New England Patriots

The Public : Patriots -6.5 (Tom Brady, bruh!) 9/10 (Won)

Average Joe : Patriots -6.5 (Gotta go with the Pats, they’re on a 5 game unbeaten streak on the road) 9/10 (Won)

The Sharp : Over 51.5 ( Raiders have conceded over 100 points in their last 3 matches, and that was against teams with poor offences. The Patriots aren’t tight at the back either so there should be 55+ points scored) (Lost)

The Totals

The Public.

Total wagered : 1000
Profit / Loss :

Average Joe : 

Total wagered : 1000
Profit / Loss :

The Sharp : 

Total wagered : 1000
Profit / Loss :

Conclusion, coming soon!



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