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Coaching and Noticeable Improvement are Vital in League Cricket

As sports enthusiasts, we enjoy many related activities.  We like to watch sports, play some sports but fewer as we get older, and we also like to play sports-themed South African slots.  Watching sports and actually engaging in sports play are vastly different than actually paying attention to sports.  Sports betting is the area where paying attention is the most necessary.  You can’t win at sports betting if you have the match on in the background.

Cricket is a Kingly Game

Until a couple of decades ago, a cricket match might take several days to complete.  Betting on such matches was a gentleman’s pursuit.  Cricket has long had the image of an elitist game.  The white uniforms, the stoic nature of the players, and the slow decision-making of the judges all make us feel that cricket is still the game of princes if not of kings.

If we want to win more often than not at cricket betting, we need to learn the game at much more depth.

Skills Needed for Cricket

The three basic skills in cricket are batting, pitching or bowling, and fielding.  The latter is the unsung skill.  When we decide to bet on cricket, fielding is entirely as important as batting and bowling.


We all know that batting requires excellent hand-eye coordination.  We also know that the top cricketers have far above average hand-eye coordination.  Since fielding is so often downplayed in its importance to winning cricket matches and, by extension, to our success at betting on cricket, we need to pay even more attention to a team’s fielding skill.

Fielding can be improved.  To be the top of the fielding line a player needs God-given hand-eye coordination.  But every player can improve his fielding skill.

The first skill needed in fielding is learning to catch the ball.  As in batting, a player needs to keep his eye on the ball in flight at all times.  As the ball approaches for a catch, the fielder has to guide the ball into his hands with his eyes.

Players need to learn the proper approach to a ball in flight.  They need to learn the best technique for diving to make a catch.

If a player cannot catch the ball in flight, he has to be able to catch the ball on the bounce as quickly as possible and throw the ball back so the batter and teammate score the fewest runs possible.

Throwing is also a technique that can be improved upon.  One of the most basic errors in throwing technique is throwing the ball back in too large an arc.  Players have to learn how to hold their arms, shoulders, backs, and legs for proper throwing.  Every aspect of a throw might be the difference between holding the batter to a small gain or allowing him an extra two or more runs.

Finally, players need to learn to throw with accuracy toward the wickets.  This requires the tightest trajectory of all throws as the difference between an out and another run may be milliseconds.

Players need to practice their fielding skills as much as their batting skills.  In fact, in American baseball which has so many similarities to cricket, players practice fielding far more than they practice batting.  Fielding has many more variations than batting does.  In American baseball, a batter who succeeds 30% of the time is considered a superstar but a fielder who succeeds 90% of time is considered not good enough for the top leagues.


The new rules of cricket require batters to swing more often lest they waste their chances to score.  On the other hand,, the pitchers are forever trying to make batting much harder and a single out in cricket ends a batter’s chances.  So batters must learn both aggressive batting skills and defensive batting skills.

There is no penalty for blocking a good pitch.  The trick is to block the pitch correctly.  Any ball hit in the air may result in an easy catch and out so batters must learn to block the wickets in a downward fashion.

A batter has to learn from every pitch thrown.  There comes a time in every innings when the batter can no longer simply block but must swing.  If he has learnt well from every pitch he’s seen from the pitcher he is facing, he will be able to make the quick adjustments batters must make to get the most runs out of any swing.

Another comparison to baseball is apt here as well.  There is a cliché in baseball that a batter needs to bat thousands of times before he has a complete picture of what the pitcher and the fielding team are trying to do.  A batter in baseball sees perhaps six to ten pitches every time he bats and often just one or two pitches.

Cricket batters have the luxury of seeing hundreds of pitches every time they bat but close attention to detail is of paramount importance.


Speed and trickery are not enough in cricket as the batter can block many excellent pitches.  A good pitcher has studied the batter’s weaknesses.  He knows that the fielders are deployed to take advantage of the batter’s weaknesses.  A good pitcher will mix up his pitches so the batter is never quite sure what type of pitch he will see.

Betting on Cricket

The key to betting on international cricket is to bet on the team with the best players.  All the players on a country’s national team are excellent players who have honed their skills to the utmost.

When betting on league cricket matches, we need to look at how well coached the team is, how much improvement it shows from match to match, and how amenable the younger players are to learning proper technique rather than relying on their superior natural abilities.

Natural ability cannot win by itself; players must learn how to do what comes naturally better than they have do so in the past.

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