Betgames Jackpots for Speedy 7 & 6+ Poker at Hollywoodbets

betgames jackpot

Hollywoodbets are giving Betgames Speedy 7 and 6+ Poker players the chance of winning even more thanks to the Betgames jackpot feature which is now available. If you pick up a Straight Flush or Royal Flush while playing then you’ll get your share of the jackpot on offer. The new jackpots can be seen in game on both Betgames Speedy 7 and 6+ Poker, and we’re going to go through how these work and what you need to win.

What are Straight and Royal Flushes?

Both are poker terms that not all players are familiar with, so before you go for the jackpots it’s important to know what both of these terms mean;

  • Straight flushes are any straight (cards in order) with all five cards of the same suit. There are several combinations that count as a straight flush, to win the cards must be in order and the same suite. Straight flushes are much more common than a Royal Flush.

  • Royal Flushes are a straight from a ten to an ace and all five cards of the same suit. There are no other combinations for a Royal Flush, it is always 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit

Speedy 7 Betgames Jackpot

To play for the Speedy 7 jackpot you must play from the first card of the round, and bet on every drawn card. With 7 cards drawn in quick succession there is a decent chance of hitting a royal or straight flush during the course of a session.

  1. To participate, you must start playing from the first card in the round and make a guess on every card.
  2. To win a Jackpot, Dealer cards must contain a winning combination – Royal Flush or Straight Flush.
  3. If multiple players win Jackpot, it is shared according to a player’s last stake.

6+ Poker Betgames Jackpot

To enter the 6+ Poker jackpot you must be betting on the dealer’s hand, not the players. If you hit a Royal Flash you’ll be paid out double what you’d get for a Straight Flush. Although this is shared if more than one player wins.

  1. To participate, you must make a bet on “Dealer” before Flop.
  2. To win a Jackpot, Dealer must form Royal Flush or Straight Flush combination including both cards in Dealer’s hand.
  3. If multiple players win Jackpot, it is shared according to a player’s stake.

More chances to win with the new Betgames Jackpots

The new Betgames jackpots give players the chance to win big while playing Speedy 7 and Poker 6+. You don’t need to spend more to take part, so the jackpots add a great deal of value to both games if you meet the betting requirements. We do recommend you familiarize yourself with the what you need to bet on to win these, but we’re sure there are going to be some Betgames players who pick up jackpot wins without even realizing it!

Have you won a Betgames Speedy 7 or 6+ Poker Jackpot? How much did you manage to win? Let us know in the comments below.

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