Mega Ball 100x Live Casino Game Guide

Mega Ball 100x live is a very popular online casino game offered by several sports betting and casino sites in South Africa. The software provider, Evolution, is behind the game, the same provider who gave us classics like Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. The Mega Ball game itself is fairly simple, you buy a single or number of cards with a set of 24 random numbers and 20 balls are drawn from the set, the balls drawn need to match the ones on the cards you bought for the round. The more balls you match the bigger your chance of making a winning line, giving you the chance of a great payout if you hit the Mega Ball bonus ball. We’ll be having a closer look at how to play Mega Ball as well as where to play below.

How to play the Mega Ball 100x Live Casino Game

The round of Megaball 100x starts with you selecting how many cards you’d like to buy for the round and at what value. You can buy a single card or as many as your balance and the game allows. There are a few presets for you to choose from if you can’t decide and the maximum number of cards you can buy is 200, regardless of the amount per card.

Once the betting time is over the draw will start automatically so you’ll need to be quick in buying your cards for the round. Once the round starts 20 numbered balls will be drawn from a set of 51, and you need to match the numbers on your cards to the balls drawn (Don’t worry, this is automatic!)

Should the matched numbers on your card form a line then you will receive a prize or return on that line which is determined by your bet size. If you have a single card with several completed lines of drawn numbers then you will get an even bigger payout.

The final ball drawn is the multiplier ball, the presenter spins a slot with a number of multipliers on it and the number it lands on is the multiplier for the final ball. These can range from 5x to 100x and if the final drawn ball completes a line you will have your winnings multiplied by the bonus amount. This is where you can win some big cash if you have a few lines that get boosted by the final bonus ball. While writing this guide we managed to get a 2 line 100x mega ball win, pictured below.

Still not sure how to play Mega Ball?

If you are still unsure how the game of Mega Ball works then there is a comprehensive guide built into the game that explains all the features in more details, as well as the RTP and payouts. You can access this in games by clicking on help “?” button on the top right of your screen and reading through the game details. We’ve also put together a quick video on how the game works;

First Person Mega Ball

First person Mega Ball is the virtual version of the game that is all simulated, much like a virtual casino game. The betting options are all the same but there is no live presenter and you can play at your own pace. The first person game only starts once you’ve made all your bets and hit the play button. After that the draw takes place very quickly and you’ll soon know the outcome of your bets. It’s not as exciting as the live game but certainly will appeal to punters looking to bet at their own pace.

Where to play Mega Ball in South Africa

The Mega Ball 100x casino game is available at most South African bookmakers who offering the Evolution package of games. However not all of them will offer the first person Mega Ball game. You can enjoy the live Mega Ball game at the following legal and licensed betting sites;

If you’d like to know more about any of the betting sites that offer Mega Ball then head over to our betting sites review section, where we’ve reviewed each bookmaker in detail.

Mega Ball is perfect for Lucky Numbers, Bingo and Keno fans

The similarities between the Mega Ball live game and games like Keno and Lucky Numbers are striking. The big advantage of playing Mega Ball over these is that there are hundreds of draws every day, as the game runs 24/7. The one drawback is that you cannot select the numbers you want on the card but that’s a small price to pay for the chance of huge winnings. We highly recommend checking out Mega Ball if you enjoy lucky draw or bingo style style games, and with betting starting from as little as R1 it’s accessible to most punters.

How to Play Mega Ball 100x

If you have any questions on how to play Mega Ball or are looking for some help then let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to assist you. Check out the Best Sports Betting home page for more on sports betting and casino in South Africa.

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