Speedy 7 Betgames

Speedy 7 is a real time card based casino game from the popular Betgames creators, Betgames TV. The Speedy 7 game consists of seven betting rounds, during each betting round the player can predict the card to be dealt next. We’re going to be having a closer look at the game as well as where and how to play it.

Speedy 7

The aim of the Speedy 7 game is to predict the colour of the next card being drawn. The dealer draws a total of 7 cards per game, and punters are given a chance to bet on what the next cards colour will be after each card is drawn. Should you get 4 correct predictions in a row you’ll earn a small bonus on your winnings, get 7 correct and you’ll get a big bonus plus your winnings!

You’ll need to remember to cash out if you want to collect your winnings, as winnings are transferred to the next round, unless you cash out. If you don’t cash out and place a bet you stand to lose all your winnings. Something to be aware of.

Currently only Hollywoodbets are offering the Speedy 7 game so you’ll need a Hollywoodbets account if you want to play the game. We’re confident that several other bookmakers will be adding Betgames Speedy 7 in the future.

Speedy 7 Gameplay Guide

Below is the official Speedy 7 guide posted by Betgames, you can find this guide under the how to play section on any site with Betgames.

Speedy 7 is a real-time live-streamed card game being the most-simple-to-use for consumers. The game is built around the premise of speed, efficiency and simplicity, key elements in the modern online betting experience.

  • Speedy 7 consists of seven betting rounds. During each betting round the player can predict the card to be dealt next.
  • First betting round. The first betting round begins before the first card is dealt, during which the player can place a bet for only one of the betting options available, predicting the next opened card (this rule applies to all betting rounds).
  • The announcement of the first betting round result. Once the first betting round is completed, the first card is dealt and the outcome of the betting round is determined, the cumulative winnings are calculated, and the new betting round starts.
  • The second betting round. Updated odds are displayed before the second betting round starts.
  • Players who win in the first betting round can make one of the following actions:
  • Continue playing by predicting the next card.
  • Cash out (there will be a dedicated button for that). In this case, the accumulated winning will be paid out.

Gameplay Rules

  • Players predict what the next face-up card will be, and correct successive predictions will start the streak.
  • Only one streak per player at a time.
  • Player can start playing in any betting round of a draw.
  • Player can cash out during any betting round of a draw.
  • If a player cashes out, a player can still start a new streak – even during the same draw.
  • The lucky streak ends after the seventh card in the draw is dealt, either when the player does not make any choice during betting round or cashes out.

Playing Speedy 7

We put together this short video of some Speedy 7 game play with commentary, to give punters a better understanding of the game and how it works.

If you’d like to know more about the different Betgames available to South African’s then browse through our dedicated Betgames section, we’ve covered all the major games as well as how to play them.



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