Betgames Baccarat Explained

Betgames have launched a brand new game in South Africa called Betgames Baccarat, an excellent addition to the current Betgames offering that you find at online sportsbooks. We’re going to explain a few of the games basics such as how to play and where to play Baccarat so you can place your next bet with confidence.

Betgames Baccarat

A game of Baccarat is played between two sides, the Player and the Banker. The dealer deals two cards face-up to each side in every draw of the game. Cards are dealt one at a time and the Player always receives the first card, as they would in most online games. In certain situations a third card is dealt to the Player and (or) the Banker.

Baccarat basics

The goal of the Baccarat is to collect a total sum of points as close as possible or equal to 9, after which no more cards will be dealt. A draw or “Tie” occurs if the both the player and the banker have the same number of points on the table.

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Bet on Baccarat

Currently the only bookmaker in South Africa where you can bet on baccarat is Morris Vee. We’re sure there is a long line of bookmakers waiting to get their hands on the game and we’ll update this article once there is a wider release.

Betgames Baccarat rules

  • The game involves two sides – the Player and the Dealer. The dealer of the game deals one card face-up to each side in every draw.

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  • Cards are dealt to sides by one card in turn until both sides have one card face-up.
  • The Player always receives the first card.
  • When both sides each have one card face-up, the situation is assessed and in accordance with the fixed rules it is determined if draw was won by one of the sides – the Player or the Dealer, or if it ended in War.
  • The goal of the game is to receive a card that has a higher value than of opposing side’s.
  • The winning side is the one that has a card of a higher value after each side have one card face-up.
  • If after a deal of cards for the Player and the Dealer, both have cards that have the same value, then draw finishes in War outcome.

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We’re over the moon that card games have found their way online in South Africa and that they’re 100% legal! Betgames has proven to be huge hit with punters and the recent addition of Baccarat, Dice, Bet Wars and Poker is set to propel them to new heights!

If you’d like to know more about the Betgames or are looking for some strategies then have a browse through some of the links below. Otherwise let us know what you think about the Betgames bet on baccarat game in the comments below.

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