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Imagine this! You would want to place high stakes on a certain bet and a difference in odds across different bookies signifies a marked difference in potential returns. You are however caught up in how to move across different bookies to check for the best odds before ultimately placing the final bet. Well, what if we told you don’t need to that anymore! Enter Betexplorer.

Betexplorer offers the option of browsing through the various statistics of certain matches and allowing the punter to compare the odds for the selected matches across 50 different types of bookies.

Betexplorer Soccer

Whilst the sports options are wide, including soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball and baseball, our main focus in this article shall be primarily on soccer. Soccer markets may be selected from upcoming events, or the choice can be made from a list of events that are arranged by region or country. For a selected league, there is access to various statistics such as form and position in the league.

Betexplorer Features

Navigation across the Betexplorer is made easy by the availability of two menus at the top of the page. The first one allows the player to select between the different types of sports options, whilst the second menu offers navigation across the various features available on Betexplorer.

Odds comparison

The biggest feature is that of comparing odds across different bookies – these are up to 50 in number and include the major bookie names. On opening a certain fixture, there are odds comparisons between different bookies for markets such as 1×2, Over/Under, Asian Handicap, Draw No Bet, Double chance or Both To Sore.

With each bookie, one can also select to choose the archive odds and see how the odds have moved over the previous days – this is vital information as some odds move because of new information available heading to the match, or the amounts wagered on certain bets.

Betexplorer Results

The results page of various soccer leagues is available for punters to browse and plan with. By default, the previous day’s results are shown, and should a user desire, they can select results to be displayed for a certain day. The results page is very useful when it comes to looking for historical trends and more.

Popular Bets

If you would want to know what others are placing bets on, Betexplorer gives you the option of viewing the popular bets placed by users. This forms a basis for making decisions and can establish a pathway of making further research on why the bets are favourites.

Odds Filtering

Betexplorer also offer a feature for filtering out odds according to set criteria. Should you be interested in odds of only evens, this is a feature that allows you to filter out the matches with such odds and conduct further research.

Odds tracking with Betexplorer

The movement of odds can signify major events happening in the betting markets. This can be in the form of released news, or huge bets placed on a certain market. Betexplorer gives access to the tracking of movements on odds according to set criteria such as movement in a certain time and percentage of bookies who have dropped the odds. We find this to be vital information that can be utilized by the punter to maximize value on new information.

Other Features

Other features available include the ability to track winning streaks of wins, draws and other markets. This may be important information useful for placing bets as often long streaks will come to an end or maybe a basis for extending the same streak.

Overall thoughts

Betexplorer is a fantastic tool that punters have at their disposal. The amount of features and tracking options make it a must visit before you place your next bet. Visit Betexplorer today to start using some of these awesome features.

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