Tracksino: Casino Live Game Stats Tool

With so many unknowns in betting, as punters we’re always looking for ways to control our destiny. Getting access to and using results, statistics and other data is our best chance of knowing what will happen next. Tracksino helps you get the numbers on your side and use recent trends to plan your bets on Live Casino games!

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What Is Tracksino?

Tracksino is a free online tool that collects data from popular Live Casino Games developed by Evolution Gaming. The software keeps a log of every spin, deal and roll made across games like Monopoly, Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Deal Or No Deal and Lightning Roulette whether you’re playing or not. The information reveals everything from the frequency of numbers appearing to the biggest multipliers and wins for each game. You can then go even further by sorting results for specific presenters or dealers to see how they compare.

For a live demo of how Tracksino works, check out our video walkthrough!

Why Use Tracksino?

If you’re big on statistics like us, you’ll love how Tracksino lets you geek out on the numbers and trends associated with your favourite Live Casino Games. These useful statistics can help you look into probabilities and test out different betting strategies based on your findings. 

Before we had access to this tool, we had to play casino games for a long time to notice any trends, and often based our betting decisions on guesses rather than real-life data from the past. But not anymore—with Tracksino we can now gain access to the complete data history of Live Games going back as far as a month!

Another reason why Tracksino is a handy tool for casino players is that it helps to ensure fairness. All games available at legal and regulated casinos are monitored and audited by independent parties to ensure integrity. But with all the data right in front of you on Tracksino, you can be more confident that you’re getting a fair shake! 

Which Games Can You Follow With Tracksino?

Monopoly Live: Track game statistics and spin history from the Monopoly Live wheel. You can view data which tells you which numbers appeared most (including bonus rounds), the biggest multipliers, as well as the results of chance cards and dice rolls.

Crazy Time: Dive into the results and statistics from Crazy Time. Tracksino gives you access to all sorts of interesting data, bonus replay videos and a play-by-play breakdown of each round which includes the number of winners and total amount of money won.

Dream Catcher: View the results in real-time for past rounds of Dream Catcher. Also, check out the stats for different hosts and look back to see which numbers and multipliers keep coming up.

Deal Or No Deal: Look behind the numbers with the Deal Or No Deal tracker. Monitor which boxes appear most often and use this real game data to help you beat the banker.

Lightning Roulette: Analyse the stats from Lightning Roulette and see when each number last came up. There is also useful info for bets on black/red, high/low, thirds, tiers and columns.

How To Use Tracksino

Open the Tracksino website in your browser or on your smartphone while playing any Live Games the tool can track such as Monopoly, Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Deal Or No Deal or Lightning Roulette. Browse the homepage and find the casino game you’re playing. Either click the green View Statistics button for up-to-the-minute stats and results from current and previous rounds or click the blue Watch button to see all the action unfolding live in-studio.

View Statistics: See the results of previous rounds and get a breakdown of the frequency at which different numbers, multipliers and bonus features have occurred. Easy-to-understand graphics help you understand the relevant statistics for every game, including the biggest wins and what happened play by play. You can also choose to filter the results by presenter to see how they compare.

Watch: Observe games being played live to see exactly how they work and also get some risk-free entertainment. It can be fun to watch and celebrate other players’ wins or even their misfortunes (we won’t judge you) without having any skin in the game! You’ll also get to meet the charming hosts, see how they interact with other players and decide which of them you like most.

How Can Tracksino Improve My Betting?

There are many ways Tracksino can help improve your betting, from accessing results and useful statistics to watching live video and learning the ins and outs of how games work firsthand. The deeper your understanding of each game, the more you know what to expect when you play!

What Else Can I See On Tracksino?


On the site you can also keep up with the latest Live Casino Game News for the latest information about bookmaker competitions, bonuses, promotions, game features, betting strategies and more.


Another great feature of the Tracksino site is the Monopoly Emulator and Dream Catcher Emulator. Plug information into these tools to see how much money you would have won or lost in missed rounds. This way, you can better plan your bets based on the results you find.


You can also view Leaderboards for hosts across the Live Games in categories which include Biggest Multiplier (All games), Most 4 Rolls (Monopoly), Most 40 Segments (Dreamcatcher) and Most 7’s (Dreamcatcher). You can adjust the timeframe for these leaderboards to anywhere between the past hour and the past month. If you see that a presenter keeps winning big for players with lucky spins, massive multipliers and bonus rounds, you might want to hold out until they’re at the helm before you start playing!


Tracksino offers a unique selection of exclusive bonuses for online casinos that offer Monopoly, Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal and other Evolution Gaming titles. You might notice these bonuses popping up while browsing the site, which can be a little annoying but at least you’ll always keep updated about what’s on offer.

It’s free, but we’re sold on Tracksino!

We absolutely love the Tracksino game tracking tool which gives you loads of stats and information to help you be a more profitable punter. There’s no better place for up-to-the-minute game data that can help you create effective betting strategies and carefully plan your next move. More exciting news is that live tracking for Megaball, Live Roulette and Free Bet Blackjack will be coming to Tracksino soon!

Have you tried Tracksino yet? Let us know in the comments below what you think. If not—you simply have to give it a try!

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