tabGold App Review

Gold Circle have launched a brand new Soccer pool betting app called the tabGold app, perfect for punters who love betting on popular soccer pools like Soccer 10 and other pools in South Africa.

The new app is free and available to anyone to use, but you’ll need to register an account with tabGold in order to make full use of it. We’re going to have a closer look at the tabGold App as well as how you can get your hands hands on it to start betting.

What you can bet on

The new app is jammed packed with different soccer pools for punters to play. Currently the App covers the below pools, all of which are incredibly popular in South Africa.

  • Soccer 4
  • Soccer 6
  • Soccer 10
  • Soccer 13
  • Soccer 13x
  • Soccer Any 15

Downloading the tabGold App

The tabGold App is currently available for download for Android from the official App site. IOS users will have to wait a little longer for it to approved by the Apple store, but it’s definitely coming soon.

To download the app for Android simply head over to from your device and follow the instructions. Tab have posted several guides on how to download and install the app, which we’ll also run through below.

  • Once on the site simply click on the download for android button to start the process
  • The tabGold Apk will be downloaded to your device, but you’ll need to allow installation from unknown sources in order to successfully install it.
  • Please note that this process may vary from device.

Feel free to contact support on any of the below channels, should you be experiencing any difficulties with installing or using the App.

  • Telephone +27 31314 1874

Playing Soccer Pools

As previously mentioned, all the major soccer pools are available to play on the App. Once you have it installed you simply need to decide which pool you are going to play and on which date. You can view all the available soccer pools by filtering either by “Today”, which shows all the pools that are currently open for betting. As well as the “Future” tab, where you can view all the upcoming pools for the coming week. It’s a very easy to understand system and you’ll be flying between different pool fixtures in no time.

To place a bet on a pool all you need to do is select the pool from the feed, these are handily named as Soccer 6, Soccer 10 and so forth. Once you’ve selected a pool to bet on you’ll be able to view the fixtures and the pool information. You can view the Pool name, Pool Size as well as the closing date on the top of the screen. Once you’ve decided on which soccer pool to bet on you’ll need to make your selections, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

Betting on the tabGold App

Making your selections is quick and easy on the app. They’ve included several nifty features, including showing team form for the last 5 matches (W/D/W), with the result of the most recent match on the right side, as well as the latest odds available on each team. The odds display is in decimals, meaning that the lower the decimal odds the more favored a team is. A nice touch as you can decide if you are going to be backing favorites or underdogs, or perhaps even a mix.

To make your selection simply click on the team you wish to back, you can select 3 possible outcomes for a match, win / draw / away win. The app also allows you to make several picks on a single, for example you can back the home team to win, the home or away team to win or even cover each possible outcome for match. Adding more match selections does increase the cost of play so you’ll need to keep an eye on how much the ticket is going to cost.

This is handily displayed on the bottom of screen in your betslip. The betslip shows how much your current ticket will cost, in line with your selections. To place your bets you simply need to click on the betslip, check your selections and press place bets. Once you’ve placed your bet you’ll be able to view your pending bets and selections.

Soccer Pool Results

Another feature we feel is worth mentioning is the past results section, where you can view the results of all the recent soccer pools. The app really shines in this department as the results are literally a click away and are jammed packed with important pool information like number of winners, the pool dividend as well as the prize pool. They also have a useful graphic display which shows what the correct selections were for the pool, very handy and unlike anything we’ve used before!

Topping Up and Withdrawing

The app also allows punters easy access to quick deposits and withdrawals. Currently you are able to top up your account using a Mastercard or Visa card. We’ve heard that several other deposit methods are in the works, vouchers included, which should make life easier for those who do not have access to a bank card.

Withdrawing from the app is easy, however you’ll need to enter your banking details in order to request a withdrawal. We do hope they add more withdrawal methods in the future as many punters are moving over to Ewallet withdrawals, but other than that punters with a bank account will have no trouble receiving their winnings.

Our thoughts on the tabGold App

The tabGold App is a breath of fresh air for soccer pool punters. The app itself is easy to use and very intuitive, with all the information a soccer punter needs, right at their finger tips. We feel this app is a must have for anyone betting on soccer pools, even if they don’t have an account with tabGold. We do recommend registering an account for use with the app, as it’s free to use and you’ll get the most out of it’s features with an active account

The wealth of information available in one place is a real plus, with some of our highlights being able to view the odds of the teams we select, and how quick and easy it is to view past results. We certainly recommend punters give it a go and we hope to see more innovation coming from tabGold in the future!

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