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Welcome to our Sportstats Soccer portal where we’ve teamed up with Chalkline Sports to provide you with comprehensive Soccer statisitics. You can find everything from recent games, form and betting market movements with our Sportstats Soccer site.

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Home advantage

Home Advantage is one of the most important factors in Sportstats Soccer. Teams perform better when they’re on familiar ground. This should be factored into the bets you make. Some home stadiums may perform better than others so keep an eye out for that.

Recent form

This plays a part too. We discovered that if you delve too far into the past results then you’ll uncover patterns in the data that aren’t relevant today because soccer teams change so drastically over the course of just a couple of months. A recent performance/form makes more accurate predictions for today’s matches than assuming the historic teams are representative of today.

Goal Difference

Winning previous games isn’t everything though. Teams with a poor goal difference often over-perform. But through the course of a season it tends to even out, and those with the best goal difference [almost] always sit at the top of the table. A stingy defence + strong attack combination is certain to achieve results over time.

Past Results

Results such as 0–0 draws (for example) can be misleading. For example, at the start of last season Spurs were drawing a lot of games but not conceding many goals. This remained the same throughout the season. Teams such as West Ham kept pace until around Christmas, but leaked too many goals to keep it up once results evened out. From an early stage I believe it was inevitable that Spurs would convincingly finish higher in the league due to the strong defence and high frequency of good attempts on goal (which is hard to measure, i know). These are things worth noting.

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