Punter Profile : Ayanda

Punter profile is a new section of Best Sports Betting where we’ll be chatting to real punters and asking them about betting and why they bet. We hope to use this as platform for South African punters to express themselves and some of their own betting stories. For each article we will be asking a set of questions to find out more about the punter.

Punter Profile : Ayanda

Why do you bet?

Sports Betting is my side hustle, because I believe that one day when luck is on my side betting could change the environment / standard I’m living under.

What is your favourite sport to bet on and why?

My favourite sport to bet on is soccer and basketball, on soccer I normally bet on well knows teams that makes it easier for me to win sometime, and I also bet on basketball, for Soccer I normally bet both teams to score.

Tell us about your most memorable bet or biggest win/loss

My memorable bet was last year(2020) where I started a 10k challenge every weekend, and there was this weekend where I placed at bet on 25 games and I bet with R10. All 24 games went through I was left with Wolves to win / draw and over 1.5 goals, they lost 4-1.

There were 3 other people that were following my tickets, I don’t know who told them that Wolves will lose because they just removed that game and they all won on the reduced accumulator! I was crying. Other than that my biggest ever win is 2k my biggest ever loss is R850

Which betting sites do you use and why?

I use Betway and Hollywoodbets, but I prefer Betway with the quality in terms of how they display and their features are very nice and easy to understand, also with data free it makes life easier for me to bet even when I don’t have data on that day.

What would you do to improve online beting?

For me online betting will always be online betting, the only thing that I think betting companies need to improve is that for lot of customers Betway need to improve on this thing of withdrawing money, they take too long to process our monies and this thing of not able to get your money during weekends is not on, there is lots of sport and some of us bet because we are in need of money, only to find out that you will only get your money on Monday around 16h00, that needs to be improved.

Thanks for reading Ayanda’s punter profile. We agree that there is nothing worse than losing a 25 leg bet on the last leg! If you’d like to submit your own punter profile please let us know in the comments below.

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