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Are you looking to improve your sports betting returns, picks or general strategy? Well you’ve come to the right place. Once you are done reading this article you’ll be equipped with the tools to help you Improve your Sports Betting, which hopefully will result in a much healthier looking bank balance.

Many of the tips we are going to endow you with are ones that you should be following anyway. We’ll be breaking down things that you should be doing as well as things you should avoid doing.

Let’s dive right into things you should avoid doing.

  1. Don’t bet because you want an interest in the game. We’ve all fallen into this trap, the Boks are playing and there is nothing we really like but we’re going to have a bet because we feel we have too. Don’t do it. There are no concrete facts about this but we speak from experience. Most of those interest bets will lose and the ones that do win are generally so small that the winnings don’t add up to much.
  2. Don’t use Betting systems or strategies. I don’t care if they have a 70% strike rate or a proven track record, they will all lose in the end. Now we’re not talking about all systems or strategies but the majority that are sold to the public as systems. One example is the martingale strategy, which dictates that you double your stake until you get your losses back. The problem with that is you’ll either run out of money or the bookmaker will only let you take up to x amount, there are also other reasons that you can check out in this helpful post.
  3. Stop Betting with your heart and use your head. Yes Manchester United might be the greatest football team to grace our planet (According to some) but that doesn’t mean you should be betting on them week in and week out. You are going to lose money unless they win every single game of the season. No draws, those are a loss too. You need to separate your betting heart and mind in order to look at the facts as objectively as possible. Do you think Manchester United are going to win because you like them? No, they’re going to win because you know that they are on a tear, playing at home with a full strength side and are taking on a team that is already relegated, have fired their manager and missing their top scorer. This rule applies especially to National sides, patriotic punts are for idiots (Unless there’s a good reason to back them)
  4. Don’t be loyal to one bookmaker. The days when your parents worked for one company, stuck with one bank and ate at the same spur for 25 years are pretty much done. Brand loyalty is a thing of the past and it really shows in Sports Betting. You can improve your sports betting dramatically by having accounts at several bookmakers. At the end of the day you’ll be able to choose the best price rather than being forced to take the price on offer.
  5. Don’t pay for tips. Any Tom, John and Petrus can sell a tip for Race 5 at Kenilworth. Doesn’t make them a good tipster. Yes there are those that are good tipsters and they sell their tips but you need to be very careful and make sure you do your homework on the tipster and the platform. Free tipsters are the same but you don’t feel obliged to take their tips as you haven’t paid for them. I’d much rather follow a free tipster that is transparent and knows what he is doing that buy tips from guys like this.
  6. Don’t chase your loses. Yes there may have been times where it has worked out for you and you made your money back, but most of the time you’ll end up in a hole deeper than you can throw money at ( Martingale I’m looking at you)

Sorry boet, we’re not buying it.

We’ve touched briefing on how to improve your sports betting by avoiding certain things. We’re now going to delve into the territory of things you have to do as a bare minimum to improve your sports betting.

  1. Bankroll management. The foundation of any successful sports bettor. If you can’t manage your money then you shouldn’t be betting. If you can manage your money you’ll be more profitable long term and be able to handle the swings that come with results.You should only be betting 2-3% of your bankroll on a bet, because if you go on a crazy losing streak then you should be able to ride it out with proper management. Think about heading down to the casino and playing Blackjack with R1000 in your pocket. Would you start out with a R1000 / R500 / R250 bet? No you wouldn’t, because if you go on a losing streak it’ll take you 1 / 2 /4 hands to go completely bust. Betting with say R50 allows you at worst 20 hands, which extends the longevity of your bankroll and allows you to survive a few nasty swings.
  2. Get the best odds from the bookmakers. We’ve touched on this as being one of the most important things you can do to improve your sports betting because it really is. In fact we’ve posted a complete article about it here. Give that a read, apply it and thank us later.
  3. Do your research. You are only going to improve your sports betting if you have an edge over the traders setting the lines. Now this can be the smallest thing like you know that the pitch is slightly narrower than usual or perhaps one of the players was in a bust up in a night club and might not play. All of these factors should weigh into your decision to place a bet. Other factors like form, team news, weather, mental states, head to head etc are all things you need to take into consideration anyway. It’s like winging your final exam versus studying long and hard for it, the latter tends to do much better.
  4. Be prepared to hedge or trade out your position during the game. If you’ve done your homework and your side (and bet) are looking good it might be a wise decision to cash out the bet or place a hedge bet which would guarantee you profit regardless of the outcome. While this is not something that will necessarily improve your sports betting it will improve your discipline as well as your bank balance. Take that free money on offer (When it reaches a good ROI). I’d rather be upset about the extra R1000 that I could have won that be upset about the R1000 that I lost.
  5. Know when to stop. Set a target for yourself for a weekend, on both winnings and losses. So this weekend you like 5 matches that you’ve researched and are confident one. You place 15% of your bankroll on these matches and hit 4 of the 5. Are you happy with that? Well that’s why setting targets helps. If you are happy with winning a minimum of 3 games this weekend at you hit 3 or more then that’s you done for the weekend. Now this isn’t a golden rule for winnings but more a caution for loses and one would want to chase those losses which usually results in more losses.
  6. Use Bonuses and Promotions to your advantage. If you’ve signed with a bookie who got a great review on BSB and have claimed the sign on bonus then make the most of it. Yes there is wagering attached but don’t be too bothered by it. If you are betting for long term profit you’ll go through that wagering in no time. Also those bore draw and money back specials that many bookmakers offer are a great way to turn a loss into a push, just be sure to read the terms beforehand.

That brings us to the end of how to improve your sports betting and we hope some of these tips helped you. This list is not the be all and end all of what you should be doing as there are many other factors in play that one needs to be aware of. However we thought that the ones we listed were a good starting point on how to improve your sports betting. If you have an tips of suggestions then leave them below in the comments.


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