How to Use a Same Match Bet Builder

A long time ago I remember sitting with the founder of Best Sports Betting and placing some golf bets on the Masters. We were looking through the exotic markets on a well-known betting site when we noticed something strange…

Usually, whenever the outcome of one bet depends on the result of another, you cannot combine them in the same multiple. But this time we were able to select a dozen golfers to all ‘make the cut’ in the same bet without getting any errors in the betslip. Whaaaa?

Yup. Our bet was only accepted because the bookie had made a mistake, but we weren’t about to complain!

Fast forward a few years and there are plenty of bookmakers that allow punters to create their own multibets from the same match. So whether you want to have more fun with your bets or create the chance for a massive payout with a small stake, the Bet Builder or Same Match Bet Builder feature puts all the power in your hands to win big!

Keep reading to find out how to combine bets from the same match and which bookies currently offer this awesome feature!

What Is Bet Builder or Same Match Bet Builder? 

Bet Builder, Same match bet builder or Build-A-Bet is a really cool feature which lets you combine almost any pre-match markets from the same match into an accumulator bet. The only exception is when it’s not possible for two different outcomes to both occur in the same match. For example, Under 1.5 goals + Messi to score 2 goals.

For Which Sports Can I Use a Bet Builder?

In South Africa, the Bet Builder feature is currently only offered on soccer, which is the most popular sport for betting worldwide. However, if you reach out to customer support at some bookies, they might be happy to speak to their traders and help you build a same match bet in other sports like rugby too.

Why Use Bet Builder?

There are many great reasons to place your next bet using the Bet Builder feature at sportsbooks like Betway, Sportingbet and Hollywoodbets. Think of it like ordering from the menu at your favourite restaurant. Sometimes you’re craving the steak but you also want the calamari. Now imagine you could order both and get a discount?

Well, that’s exactly what Bet Builder allows you to do… 

Predict up to 10 different outcomes in the same match and if all of them happen as you expected, your bet will pay off big time! Aside from the fun of creating your own bets, one of the main advantages of using Bet Builder is that you can get much bigger odds than on any single market. You can place one bet for as little as R1 combining all your predictions for the match, which means you also get a discount!

How To Use Bet Builder

Using Bet Builder or Build-A-Bet is a little different across sites but the main idea is the same. Once you get the gist you’ll find it easy to place these bets on whichever bookmaker you choose.

Betway Build-A-Bet

Like all bet-building features available in South Africa, Betway Build-A-Bet gives you the freedom to create any pre-match soccer bet you want by combining up to 10 outcomes from a single match into one bet. It’s worth noting these bets are not eligible for Cash Out.

Here’s how to build your own bet with Betway:

  • Log in to your Betway account, or check out our Betway South Africa Review if you aren’t signed up
  • Click Soccer on the sports menu carousel (top middle of the homepage).
  • Click on any upcoming match or select More Bets on the far right side.
  • Click Build A Bet on the left side of the horizontal menu near the magnifying glass at the top of your screen.
  • Use the various drop-down menus to find your favourite markets and click them, adding up to 10 selections.
  • When you’re done adding bets, click Add To Betslip.
  • Enter your stake and click Place Bet.

Check out our Betway Build-A-Bet Guide and read the full terms and conditions for the feature here.

Sportingbet Build-A-Bet

Sportingbet Build-A-Bet also allows you to combine selections from the same match into an accumulator bet with bigger returns. The different building blocks you can choose for your bet include markets like match result, number of cards, number of corners, player to score and many more!

Here’s how to build your own bet with Sportingbet:

  • Log in to your Sportingbet account, or check out our Sportingbet Review if you aren’t signed up
  • Click Build A Bet Coupon on the main menu. 
  • Under Promoted Bets, there are a few options for pre-selected soccer bets if you don’t want to build your own.
  • To build your own soccer bet, select a match under Build A Bet Matches or simply click Build Your Bet Now.
  • Find your favourite markets and click them, adding up to 10 selections to your betslip.
  • When you’re done adding bets, go to your betslip, enter your stake and click Place Bet.

Read the full terms and conditions for the Sportingbet Build A Bet here.

Hollywoodbets Same Match Bet Builder 

Hollywoodbets also offers a bet-building feature for soccer on their site, they just call it a Same Match Bet Builder so don’t get confused! The Hollywoodbets platform is a little different from the others, but with a little help from us you’ll find it just as easy to use… 

These are the available markets, which are categorised as follows:

  • Popular: The most popular markets other punters have been adding to their same match bets.
  • Match: Match winner, correct score, total goals, total corners, total bookings, penalty to be taken or scored, free kick to be taken or scored, red card to be given.
  • Teams: Total team goals, total team corners, winning margin, total team booking points.
  • Players: Player to score first, player total goals, how will a player score, player to get carded or sent off

Here’s how to build your own bet with Hollywoodbets:

  • Log in to your Hollywoodbets account, or check out our Hollywoodbets Review if you aren’t signed up
  • Click Same Match Bet Builder on the main menu. 
  • Click Football (this is your only option).
  • Choose the soccer league you want to bet on.
  • Select the match of your choice.
  • From the horizontal menu, select either Popular, Match, Teams or Players depending on which bets you want to combine.
  • Find your favourite markets and click them for betting options.
  • Click Add Selection to add a bet to your list.
  • When you’re done adding bets, click the green Add To Betslip button.
  • Go to your betslip, enter your stake and click Submit.

Watch our video on how to use the Hollywoodbets Same Match Bet Builder.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the various bet-building features available at some of South Africa’s best online bookies. We always have so much fun creating our own soccer bets and if you haven’t tried it yet yourself, go ahead because we know you’ll love it too!

For more step-by-step guides on how to register a new betting account, deposit and withdraw funds, place a bet, play casino games and more, check out our archive of how-to videos here!

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