Hollywoodbets Mobile Registration

Opening an account with Hollywoodbets is simple and easy, we’re going to detail the steps you need to take in our Hollywoodbets Mobile Registration guide. If you’d like more information about Hollywood, then read our Hollywoodbets review before you register. The Hollywoodbets registration process is quick and easy, it should not take punters more than a few minutes to register an account.

Hollywoodbets Mobile Registration Guide

The first thing you need to do before you register is to visit Hollywoodbets from your mobile phone, you can do this by clicking here or on the banner below. Remember that Hollywood currently have a R25 sign up bonus for new customers, a great way to get to know the site.

Once you’re on the Hollywoodbets site, click on the register now button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open up the Hollywoodbets Mobile Registration page where you need to fill in your details.

hollywoodbets mobile

After clicking the Register Now button a new page will load where you need to fill in all your details. You need to be sure to enter all of the information correctly. Also make sure that you have a proof of residence that matches the details you used to register. Because you may be requested to provide FICA documents after registration or on withdrawal.

You’ll need to fill in the following information for the registration. Any marked with an * are not vital and can be left out or added later.

  • Title (Mr / Mrs etc)
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • ID Number
  • Gender
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address*
  • Address (Area Code, Province etc)
  • Source of Income
  • Password

Once you’ve filled in all the registration details you’ll need to check a few boxes such as

  • I am over 18 years old
  • Agree to terms and conditions, which you can view here.
  • Acknowledge Hollywoodbets will only pay to a South African account
  • Click the Submit button

Once you’ve clicked the Submit button you’ll have completed your Hollywoodbets Mobile Registration! If you’d like additional assistance with your registration Hollywoodbets Mobile Registration please contact the Hollywoodbets Helpline on 087 353 7634.

Hollywoodbets R25 Bonus for new Customers

If you would like to claim the R25 Bonus that Hollywoodbets offer new customers then you need to be aware of the terms and conditions. The full offer terms have been listed below but can also be viewed on the Hollywoodbets site;

  • To qualify for the sign-up Bonus, the customer must sign up for an online/mobile betting account.
  • In order to participate, the individual must be over the age of 18.
  • A limit of one account per customer applies.
  • ID numbers entered on registration will be verified by Hollywoodbets nominated verification tool at the time. If the verification tool fails to recognise a customer’s registration, Hollywoodbets has the right to request documents (see point 9) before processing the registration.
  • R25 Sign-up bonus must be used within 24 hours of account activation or it will be forfeited.
  • Persons who have signed up successfully but have not yet submitted FICA documentation can also participate.
  • The account holder will not be entitled to withdraw the R25 out of their account until the funds have first been bet and turned over in full.
  • The account holder must submit his/her FICA documentation, be FICA compliant and have his/her FICA documentation approved before the first withdrawal can be requested/ approved. “FICA” means the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Act 38 of 2001 as amended.
  • The term “FICA documentation” in point 8 is used to refer to a valid South African identity document or valid foreign passport and proof of address not older than 3 months and in the customer’s name. Examples: municipality bill/electricity bill, bank statement and retail account statement etc.
  • The bonus credited cannot be wagered on both markets in the same event. This includes betting on Lucky Numbers (High/Low), To Bat First, To Kick-Off First, or any markets related to an event of the sort as deemed by Hollywoodbets in its sole discretion. Any accounts found doing this will have their bonus revoked, and Hollywoodbets will not be responsible for any losses that are incurred.
  • Betting on individual markets with odds of less than 5/10 (0.5 decimal) will not be deemed to be compliant.
  • Abuse or irregular activities noted at Hollywoodbets’ discretion will result in the bonus being revoked.
  • Hollywoodbets reserves the right to revoke this promotion at any time and without cause or notice.
  • Hollywoodbets reserves the right to change any of its terms and conditions at any time and without cause or notice.
  • Every Hollywoodbets account holder participating in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue of their participation.
  • Suspicious and/or fraudulent activity will be reported to the Financial Intelligence Centre for criminal investigation/s to proceed
  • These terms and conditions are also available by phoning 087 353 7634 (standard Telkom rates apply) or emailing promotions@hollywoodbets.net.

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  1. I also try to log in but it say my id is allready in use what must I do

  2. I have a problem I need to re username

  3. I have submitted all the necessary documents for fica but till today i can’t withdraw from my account please assist me on this matter.

  4. I have being login into my account but it’s not active can you assist me to activate it please i have already submitted my FICA document so many time please help

  5. I have being trying to login into my account but I get this error massage that says I’m not active
    Please kindly assist,my username is 0782414927
    Please assist

  6. Mr Napoleon Solo Ntuli says:

    I have registered and I can’t be accepted would please check if my name appear in your system

  7. Have joined Hollywoodbets,after winning few rands then fica documents became an issue.have submitted them more than 5 times with no feedback.contacted help line many times no luck . so disappointed even till today I have inactive account with winnings that I can’t touch.

  8. Molefi Kunene says:

    I am struggling to register

    1. Plse help I want to register but when I fill up evething it says my account is and my pasword is invalid

    2. I’m struggling to register cos it says my id already in use n I’m new

  9. Masibongr says:

    My password is not longing in

  10. I want to play online

  11. Hi I want to join Hollywoodbets, Adter completing all the areas marked with X and Ticked the Box It doesn’t give me the Unique code below to enter and Submit , Pls Advice???

  12. phuto lucky Raseala says:

    Hi my google account discarded Hollywoodbet claiming is from a non-regulated site but I have been using this site for a long time

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Your google account discarded it? Are you no longer able to login to the account, can you manually login?

  13. Samson Moos says:

    Did u received my message

  14. Hello i joined but wen i type my client account it says is invalid, and i double check the number but is correct pls help

  15. They trlling my I.d is already registered

  16. im using a new email address forgot old one tat i used to login to hollywood account..so how do i fx tis

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      You’ll have to request Hollywood to alter your account with the new email address. Mailing or calling them is the best option.

  17. Keseabetswe says:

    I have entered wrong email i want to fix it i dont know how

    1. Best Sports Betting says:

      Try contacting Hollywoodbets customer support, they should be able to alter the email address registered to the account.

  18. I lost my phone I forgot my username

  19. Lisbeth Thembi says:

    Join the discussion…
    hi guys I have a problem I moved my Hollywood account,so now I’m stuck i can’t bet, I’ve been struggling to remove it but I don’t know how to remove it.any help please

  20. Boniwe Thys says:

    I want to register I don’t know where there I’m register or not

  21. Silindokuhle says:

    What next I already registered

  22. Harry Erens Maphutha says:

    I am registered on my mobile

    1. Harry Erens Maphutha says:

      Join the discussion…

      1. Best Sports Betting says:

        Are you having trouble accessing the hollywoodbets mobile site?

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