Where to buy and use 1Voucher / 1ForYou

1Voucher has become a very popular way of recharging your online betting account due to their convenience and availability. Vouchers are perfect for punters who do not have access to a credit card or bank account but want to top up their betting accounts.

This is where 1Voucher or 1Foryou steps in, you can now top up your sports betting account using a voucher, and the process is very simple. In this guide we’re going to tell you where you can buy and use 1Voucher vouchers, to make your next sports betting deposit smooth and simple.

Where to buy 1Voucher

Punters can buy a 1Voucher from any FLASH Shop, PEP, Ackermans, Checkers or Shoprite nationwide. To buy a voucher at one of the above retailers you simply go to the till and ask for a 1Voucher in the amount of your choice. There are no hidden costs and if you buy a R50 voucher you’ll get R50 in credit where ever you decide to deposit.

To use a voucher all you need to do is enter your voucher PIN on the betting partner website that accepts 1Voucher and your online account will be topped up/paid with the value of the voucher purchased. Once used the voucher will no longer have any credit on it, much like buying an airtime voucher.

Some retailers may have a 1Voucher minimum purchase policy, Pep for example sells vouchers starting from R30. Other retailers may differ with their minimum amounts, something to keep in mind for the next time you plan to buy a voucher.

The following stores have them on offer, simply visit the store and request a 1Voucher from a cashier.

  • Pep Stores Nation wide
  • Various Flash vendors
  • OK stores
  • Ackermans
  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • Usave
  • House and Home


1Voucher have added the Shoprite brand to places where punters can purchase vouchers. starting at R5, you can buy vouchers from the following Shoprite brands : Shoprite, Checkers, Usave and House and Home. To buy a voucher at any of the mentioned Shoprite stores you simply need to go to the cashier and ask to buy a 1Voucher.


1Voucher is now available at all Ackerman stores nationwide. Simply head down to an Ackerman’s store and ask for a voucher of the value you would prefer.

Pep Stores

Pep stores are one of the best places to buy vouchers as they have so many different branches located through out South Africa. To buy a voucher at Pep you need to visit the tills and request a the voucher from the cashier.


Checkers and Shoprite fall under the same group, along with several other retailers. Vouchers are available at all stores in the Shoprite Group, including Checkers.

Where to use 1Voucher

With more and more sports betting sites accepting 1Voucher its never been easier to top up your betting account. Bookmakers that accept voucher deposits are listed below. We’ve also reviewed all of them in our Sports Betting Review Section.

SA National Lotto

The South African National Lotto has announced that they now accept 1vouchers too. So punters playing on the National Lotto app or site can now top up using vouchers. Fantastic news for those who play the lotto.

How to use a 1Voucher to Top Up

Simply buy a voucher from any FLASH or PEP store, enter your voucher PIN on the website you want to top up, and your online account will be topped up with the value of the voucher purchased.

For sports betting site you’ll need to login, then go to deposit and select voucher as the desired deposit method. It’s a quick and easy 6 step solution :

  • Buy 1Voucher at any of the mentioned retail outlets
  • Visit a site that accepts voucher deposits / vouchers
  • Select voucher as a top up method on the site
  • Enter your pin, located on the voucher
  • Your account has now been topped up
  • Spend your funds online, easy as that!

1Voucher for all

There’s no doubt that the popularity of the vouchers will soon see more retailers offering them. The ease of use, availability and online partners make it the perfect choice for those who only way of topping up is to use a voucher. We’d like to see vouchers sold online as that would add even more convenience, allowing people to buy and distribute more vouchers. Let’s hope that’s in the pipeline.

If you’d like to know more about 1Voucher please visit their homepage for more details. If you’d like to know about how to withdraw without a bank account then visit our ABSA Cashsend and FNB eWallet guides. For those looking to get started with online betting, please see our Ultimate Sports Betting Guide, perfect for new South African punters.

1Voucher FAQ

Can I Buy 1Voucher Online

As of early 2020 there is no platform for customers to purchase vouchers online. 1Voucher have been quiet on whether an online service will be available in the future.

Contact Details

083 903 5274 (MTN) 084 193 5274 (Cell C) info@1voucher.co.za

Where can I buy 1Voucher?

1Vouchers store locations are listed above, as well as on the official site.

1Voucher Pin invalid

You’ve entered the voucher pin incorrectly or the voucher has already been redeemed. Please contact support with the voucher number for further assistance.

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