Greyhound Racing South Africa

Greyhound Racing is growing in popularity in South Africa, as it is in many countries around the World. However there are no actual races taking place within our borders due to legislation, but that does not mean you can’t bet on international greyhound racing! We’re going to tell you where to watch, bet and enjoy the racing in our Greyhound Racing South Africa article.

Greyhound Racing South Africa – Where to bet?

One of the most popular places to bet on Greyhound racing is Morris Vee Sports Bet, a South African bookmaker based in Kwazulu-Natal. Morris Vee Sports Bet offer greyhound racing from both their online site as well as their store, located at 294 Lenny Naidu Drive in Chatsworth.

They’re one of the few South African bookmakers to offer greyhounds and they’re certainly one of our favourites. To bet on Greyhounds with Morris Vee simply head over to and click on Greyhounds on the side menu or on one of the banners on the site. Alternatively you can click here and go directly to their offering.

Greyhound Racing South Africa – How to bet?

Greyhound Racing is very similar to horse racing when it comes to betting, and most of the options are the same. You can bet on winners, places, finishing order and more. It’s as simple as it sounds, all you need to do is have an online sports betting account that is funded. Head over the the Greyhounds section on Morris Vee for example, select the bet that you like, enter an amount to wager and submit the bet. Presto! You’ve placed your first Greyhounds bet.

Greyhound Racing South Africa – Where to watch

So you’ve made your selections and now want to watch the actual race. You can either head down to a Morris Vee store or switch on the telly. But DSTV don’t broadcast Greyhound racing so you think you might miss the race, fear not as it’s simply a matter of finding an online stream of the race you bet on. We use online stream for many different events and Greyhound racing is no different. We’ve listed a few greyhound racing streaming sites below for your convenience:

Greyhound Racing South Africa – You’re all set

You’re all set to get started betting Greyhound Racing from South Africa. Let’s hope your first bet is a winner. Click here for more information regarding the legalization of Greyhound Racing in South Africa or click here for more information on Greyhound Racing and Betting. Remember to gamble responsibly.








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