ESBN Egoli Sports Betting Network Review

ESBN, Egoli Sports Betting Network are a South Africa bookmaker running off Bettech software. In this review we are going to have a look at ESBN in detail and give you our recommendations. Kindly note that as of 2020 ESBN are no longer open and their website is unavailable. Unfortunately it appears that they did not have the staying power in what has become a very competitive market. To view more bookmakers in South Africa please visit our list of betting sites.

Firstly as much as we like the name Egoli Sports Betting Network we have to wonder why they didn’t go with Egoli Sports or something similar for their URL. You see ESBN sounds an awful lot like a certain American sports television network that goes by the name ESPN. A very interesting choice but with that out of the way let’s see what they’re about.

Egoli Sports Betting Network Review

Egoli Sports Betting Network currently have a 100% deposit match bonus up to R3000.

The ESBN landing page

The Egoli Sports Betting Network landing page is pretty much everything you’d expect from a site based off a Bettech Template. It’s smooth, well laid out and does the job very well. It does look slightly different from most other sites running off the same software though, in a good way. All of the important markets, quicklinks and promos are handily located so there’s minimal clicking around for punters. The colours are, wait for it…the usual black background with orange styling, almost a mash up of and WSB, however it is unique enough to be easy identified as ESBN.

They’ve got a pretty standard banner carousel that has content that punters want, things like promotions and their sign up offer. We did notice that at the time of the review the first banner was not displaying but we’ll chalk that up to a content error somewhere and won’t hold it against them.


Finding what you want on ESBN is pretty simple as the Bettech software is very polished and intuitive. Each click on sport highlights the selected sport in a lovely orange tint and drops the menu down. There’s not too much else to say about navigating ESBN as it’s pretty seemless. However they don’t have an event search or basic search button. Something which seems to be being phased out by several bookmakers and we don’t like this decision. It’s much easier to type in Manchester United and have them come up as the first result instead of clicking Soccer > England > Premier League.

Speaking of clicking we also noticed that it can be a bit of a hassle to get the accordion menu working. It seems to work on the main Sports but any sub menu’s need to be clicked on the actual drop down arrow rather than the name in order for it to load as clicking on the name populates the main area of the page with all matches / markets from that selection This could be a bug but if it’s not it really needs to be changed.

Egoli Sports Betting Network Registration

The ESBN registration button is slightly hidden. It’s set to the right of the page and one has to actually look for it. We’d much rather have seen it placed on the the top menu as well as next to the login button, as that’s where most punters are going to be looking. Other than finding the button registration is seemless and no problem to complete.


While do this review a BSB follower brought it to our attention that ESBN had some slightly short markets. So we went and had a look for ourselves, initially thinking it was a Bettech general price but what we found surprised us. ESBN had a 13.01% margin on a IPL market while which essentially runs off the same back end had a 7.80% margin on the exact same match. See the screenshots below (both taken at the same time) :


Both these markets are 2 way markets and a 13% margin does seem a bit excessive, we also dug a little deeper and found this on several other matches. Not cool ESBN.

Egoli Sports Betting Network Promotions

Outsider Got You Stunned?

Back a horse to win and if your horse finishes second to a 10-1 (SP) or bigger outsider, we’ll give you a free bet refund up to R5000.

Soccer Stake-Back:

Take 8+ soccer multiple and if you go one out, we will refund your stake.

Happy Hour!

Double Stretch all local horse races for 1 hour prior to the first race!

Egoli Sports Betting Network Customer Service

We found no dedicated customer service links on their site which is a bit disappointing, they do have a whatsapp contact, email form and a listed phone number for their head office (No hours mentioned). We’d like to see them roll out live chat and some dedicated support email address.

Overall Experience

We had a pretty good time running through and trying out Egoli Sports Betting Network. The site is solid, easy to use and very responsive. It does have a few quirks that we are not the biggest fans of but we can’t be too critical as they’ve just launched and are likely ironing many of these bugs out. The sign on offer of a 100% match up to R3000 is fantastic and we’ll certainly be taking advantage of it, the rollover terms are also pretty minimal with 5x wagering at 5/10 or more. We’d like to see them add more customer service options as it’s a vital part of any bookmaker.

Our biggest gripe with them currently is the margins on some of their markets which as we said seem rather excessive, we’d accept a general 8-10% margin but anything over that is not on. We recommend giving Egoli Sports Betting Network a go as you won’t be losing out too much due to the generous bonus. We’ll have to withhold final judgement on them for now but things are looking good for the future. You can visit ESBN here.

Overall Rating : 6.5/10 *Their margins hurt them here.
Sign on Bonus Rating : 8/10

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9 months ago

I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. Deposits are never credited. When you follow up with them you only get… Read more »

8 months ago

I really hope you can. I’d like to know what you establish.

2 years ago

Gonna give them a go….the deposit bonus is great! As you mentioned the odds are really short in most markets.… Read more »