Eazinumbers Review (Closed)

Eazinumbers is a new lottery betting site in South Africa, read our full review for all the juicy details :


Eazinumbers is Cape Town based operator registered with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. They are owned by SMS2BET in Johannesburg, which is a lottery, gaming and sports betting company with a growing footprint in the mobile market.

Eazinumbers offer Lucky Numbers betting from South Africa as well as the United Kingdom. South African lotteries which the site offer include SA Lotto Main Draw, Lotto Plus, Power Draw and Power Plus, while from the United Kingdom punters are able to play the UK 49’s Lunch and Tea Time Draw.


Desktop: The Eazinumbers website is everything that you might expect and need from a Lucky Numbers platform. It is easy to navigate and not unnecessarily complicated. The buttons for all the available lotteries are displayed prominently on the left-hand side of the Home page for the user’s convenience.

At the top of the Home page, there is an Account button which allows users to look into their account as well as a Ticket lookup button with a search function. We found the Eazinumbers contact details tricky to find being located behind the About button and at the very bottom of the Home page, and had hoped these would be displayed in a less conspicuous place for the user.

Mobile: Designed by a mobile-focused company, the Eazinumbers mobile site is a great offering. All the necessary buttons can be found in a small drop-down menu on the left-hand side, which is incredibly simple to navigate. Users who have bet on desktop site will find the mobile platform even easier to use.

App: No mobile app available as of yet

Lotto payouts on Eazinumbers are not very competitive when compared to World Sports Betting odds for instance, where payouts are consistently between 5 and 10% bigger per number, or number combination.

Eazinumbers is a good site to bet on Lucky Numbers which offers everything you need. The only criticisms we have are that we would like the payouts to be slightly bigger and the operator to be easier to contact for users. Please post your comments below if you have any of your own experience using the site – good or bad!

Overall Rating : 6.5/10

Social Media: None as of yet (We don’t like this at all. Users should have another way aside from a phone number and Skype address to engage with the company)

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