Diskimillions Review (Closed)

Diskimillions is a new innovative Soccer 6, 10, 13 and 13X product powered by TAB. We’re going to have a look at their site and give our breakdown in our review.

Diskimillions Review

Press Release 2020;

“We regret to advise that bets on TAB Soccer 6,10,13 & 13X are no longer possible using this app.

Your account balance with TAB is unaffected. Please call TAB customer Care on 0861 444 822 for advice on alternative methods of placing your bet.”

About Diskimillions

Powered by TAB, DiskiMillions is the new, convenient, safe and secure way to play TAB soccer 6, 10, 13, or 13X. DiskiMillions lets you place soccer bets on your smartphone and gives you the opportunity to win big!

Diskimillions Site

The Diskimillions site is purely targeted at players who are interested in Soccer Tote betting, and that is the extent of their offering. The site is focused at mobile users and is very easy to use, especially on mobile. The landing page is simple and only has 3 options, sign up, login and and how to play diskimillions. We like that it’s simple as punters who are playing soccer 13 and such aren’t interested in a flashy site, they want the basics and that’s exactly what they’ll get.

Signing up

Signing up is a breeze, you can either use your Facebook account or cellphone number to register. Having registered you’ll be sent an OTP to your cell which allows you to login. It’s straight forward and simple, taking us less than a minute from the start to the end of the process.

Playing the Games

Diskimillions currently only offers soccer 6, 10, 13 and 13X on their site. Once you’ve logged in youll be given access to the different games and playing them is very simple. They’ve also done a great job putting together several FAQ or guide videos showing new users how to navigate and play the game. It costs R1.70 to play a basic soccer 13 or diski 13, and it’s very easy to get started.

The games are presented in an easy to use manner and one only has to click on the selection you want in order to make the selection. What’s great about it is that it takes away alot of the confusion one would normally find when playing something likes Sportstake. Below is a screenshot of how you make your selections at Diskimillions.

Diskimillions Contact Details

Currently the only platform one can contact diskimillions on is via the chat function on their site, which you can find here. Or by sending them an email via the built in contact form.

Diskimillions deposit methods

You can deposit with any of the following : Bank Card, Credit Card, Flash 1 voucher as well as cash at a TAB or an EFT.

Overall Experience

The experience is very positive overall, you are getting exactly what you would expect from a site that offers tote betting and nothing more. The user experience is superb and the implementation excellent. It’s hard to fault a product for it’s simplicity but there are a few things we didn’t like. Firstly one needs to have been FICA’d before you can see the deposit options available, which can be a hassle if none of the available deposit options work for you.

Our second criticism is that you need an active account to access some areas of the site easily, which isn’t great for people wanting to have a look at the site before you sign up. You can access these areas but it’s not as straight froward as we’d like. Other than those two minor gripes we really like Diskimillions, and would recommend it to punters looking for a convenient platform to get their Soccer X bets on. Click here to sign up.

Diskimillions Review
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DiskiMillions is an innovative lucky numbers betting site perfect for lotto punters. Once they’ve added a sign on offer and some promotions we’d definitely recommend using them for all your lucky numbers betting.

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