Sportstake Tips

With Sportstake 13 and other Sportstake games being so popular we decided to help punters with some basic Sportstake tips on how to win.

Here are our ultimate Sportstake Tips

See the latest Sportstake 13 fixtures here.

Do your fixture research

When the sportstake fixtures are released have a good look at the teams and do your research on them. Things like form, home form and away form are very important. Also you need to think about the teams, do they need a win? Do they have injuries? All of these will help you decide on a strong position for the fixture.

Don’t only go with the obvious

Everyone will be betting the sides that they think will win, this is a bad strategy. There are upsets every single week and they often doom your ticket. So think out of the box and try identify some games that could be potential upsets.

Don’t spend too much on a ticket

Punters think it’s easier to spend more money to get a win. This is not true. You need to pick wisely to pick up 13/13. Yes spending more money does help but rather spend that extra money on some possible upsets rather than taking the favourite and a draw.

Spend the right amount

If you have no idea on who is going to win the fixture and your ticket cost is very low then go with 1X2 or don’t play the ticket at all. As we said before upsets always happen and if you have 1X2 on a favourite you will get a much bigger jackpot as other players will only be playing one combination.

Only play when there is value

If you see a list of fixtures that are really easy then you need to decide if it’s worth playing. Easy fixtures mean upsets and they mean that many people will get 13/13. Which obviously means that you will get a very small share of the jackpot. So if you don’t think there is value save your money for another week!

See what others are playing

Speak to your friends and other people online to find out what they are playing, they might have extra information that you don’t have which you can use on your ticket. Also look for Sportstake Tips on Facebook and Twitter, there are many punters that are happy to share their Sportstake Tips. Just follow carefully.

Don’t play Sportstake Propick

Propick is a random number of selected games that uses the history between the sides to make picks. It is not a smart way of spending your money, if Propick was any good then all punters would be playing propick all the win and winning. Guess what, they’re not! Do the smart thing and make the picks yourself!

Stop playing Sportstake and bet online

Everyone loves Sportstake but one of our biggest Sportstake Tips is to move to online betting. Online betting allows you more control over what you spend and how many teams you want to put in. Yes the payouts will be smaller than Sportstake but you’ll lose less often!

We hope you enjoyed our Sportstake Tips and that they are of some help to you. Let’s go get some 13/13 now!

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Thanks for the sportstake tips very useful


How much does a sportsake ticket cost? R1 for each line if taking 13 combinations only?