Punters donating to help those in need

It’s a tough time for anyone during the Corona Virus lockdown, many punters have found themselves without work or a steady income, struggling to make ends meet. In such tough times it’s very hard to find positives in life around you, but we came across a post that shows that when times are tough punters are more than willing to assist.

Punter Power

A post was made on a popular Facebook betting group by Lwandle, asking for some assistance from punters in the group to buy electricity. Now there are many scams going around with punters wanting to exchange airtime for vouchers and other nonsense, but this was a genuine request as you can’t really trade a voucher for a specific meter. The original post requested a mere R10 but punters soon jumped in to assist.

As soon as the message was posted scores of punters, many of them also struggling with the economic effects of the lockdown, jumped to assist Lwandle with donations of prepaid electricity. In just a few minutes he had been pledged and sent hundreds of rands worth of electricity, all thanks to fellow punters.

Within 4 hours he had received 573 units of electricity, more than enough to last him through the lockdown and then some. Lwandle posted his thanks along with a screenshot of what his new meter reading was.

This goes to show that the sports betting community cares about fellow punters in need and we’d like to thank and congratulate everyone who assisted this punter with cooking his dinner! It’s a great story that shows there is still hope during these difficult times. Punters, we salute you!

Want to assist with a donation?

If this story has touched you and you’d like to make your own contribution then we suggest anyone wanting to donate money to help assist with fighting the Corona Virus do so via the Solidarity Fund if they are unable to assist an individual;

Never before in the history of our democracy has our country been confronted by such a severe situation; however, it is a situation that we will be able to overcome if we work together.

Across our country, people and organisations have offered to help and the Solidarity Fund is a vehicle that will be set up to facilitate this.

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