Ireland v New Zealand Betting Preview

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Ireland v New Zealand Betting Preview

Ireland v New Zealand, the best Ireland have ever done at home v All Blacks is a DRAW in 1973. We all remember the game in 2013 where Ireland were too quick out the blocks and the NZ kicker had a second go at a missed conversion. Ireland had the All Blacks on the ropes and failed to deliver the knockout punch.

New Zealand won last week, albeit on a closer than they would have liked margin. New Zealand have been targeting this game for quite some time now, and should be up for it. Ireland were particularly poor last week, missing a minus by some distance. Argentina were value for their play, led for periods and looked up for it.

40 Years and Only Once Beaten this Weeks Handicap

It is possible that the Irish had half their eyes / brains on this week’s game, who knows? Since 1978, yes 40 years ago, Ireland have stayed within this handicap just once. Yes it’s a different and far better Irish outfit, but we are talking about the All Blacks here.

New Zealand seldom have two bad games in a row. New Zealand will be out to set the record straight. Let’s not talk rubbish and beat around the bush, only South Africa have beaten this New Zealand team in the last however long, and that was a monumental effort.

Ireland v New Zealand Betting Verdict

Getting New Zealand about a single digit minus is like hens teeth, it simply does not come around that often. One must take it when you get it.

My Call here is also reasonably conservative, but it does have value. I just cannot see the Irish beating NZ this week. If the Irish are to win, everything, and I mean everything needs to go their way. NZ WILL win here, it is just by how many!

Best Bet : New Zealand -6.5 for 2 units

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