Bet on Total Shots & Shots on Target

Sunbet are one of the few South African betting sites that offer betting on the total shots and total shots on target market, along with many more exotic type bets for soccer. At Sunbet you can choose to bet on over / under on shots for each side taking part in the match, and the bets are settled using Opta data, to ensure fair settlement of the bets. In this guide, we are quickly going to run through the total shots betting market, how it works, and where to find it on Sunbet.

Betting on total shots

Total shot betting is fairly easy to understand an follow as it follows the same principals as over / unders on goals. A one is added to the total for each shot a team takes at goal (both on or off target), if at the end of the match that total is higher or lower than the market you bet on then your bet is resulted as a winner or loser. As an example; if you bet on Arsenal over 14.5 shots and they took 17 shots during the match then your bet will be a winner. If they had 14 shots or less then your bet would have been a loss. There is also the option of betting on total shots for the match, which will include shots from both sides.

Betting on shots on target

Betting on total shots on target follows the same outline as betting on total shots, however the shots taken must be on target. A shot on target is a shot that is destined to be a goal if it was not blocked or saved. The shot must be going into the back of the net for it to count, so if the player strikes the crossbar or side post it counts as a miss. Shots that are blocked from a player who is not the last man do not qualify. There is also the option of betting on the total shots on target for the match, which overs both sides. Once again the results are settled using the Opta stats once the match is finished.

The betting odds for shots

There are various different factors that can affect the amount of shots, as well as the odds that are offered. If an attacking goal scoring side is playing a side that is poor defensively then you’ll see a much higher quote for the attacking sides shots, as you’d expect. However there are other factors that could give you the edge when placing your bets.

Factors that can help you beat the odds and win a shots bet include team sheet, form, home and away form, head to head history, tactics, match significative and more. Generally you’d also take these into account when placing a normal soccer bet.

Where to bet on shots at Sunbet

It’s fairly straight forward to place a bet on shots with Sunbet. You’ll want to place your bet a day or 2 leading up to the match, as that’s when the market will become available. To find the market on Sunbet;

  • Login to your Sunbet account
  • Navigate to soccer / football, find the league / country and the match you want to bet on
  • Find the player and team shots market, which is found under all markets
  • Make your selections and place your bet

Our thoughts on betting on shots

Betting on shots and shots on target is a fantastic alternative to betting on over / under goals. We’ve all been in the situation where the side we are backing is dominating with lots of shots, but aren’t able to find the back of the net. This type of match is perfect for betting on shots, and if the quoted over under line is good we recommend it as a better market than over under 2.5 / 1.5.

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