Top 5 Live Casino Games In South Africa

With tons of exciting new titles hitting online betting sites all over South Africa, we review our Top 5 Live Casino Games and tell you why we can’t stop playing them. It turns out there’s actually a theme around our handpicked selection of Live Games—they’re all reinventions of classics we all know and love. This got us thinking… maybe the reason all of these games really hit the mark is because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or at least in the case of making these loved casino classics even better—just add more multipliers!

Our Top Live Casino Games by Evolution

Keep reading to find out which Live Casino Games we’re having the best time playing at the moment. As you go, click through the links for related articles and video guides that can help you get started with Live Games on numerous South African betting sites.

1. Lightning Roulette

Take traditional Roulette and add multiplier bonuses and a whole lot of electrifying excitement—and what you get is Lightning Roulette. This exciting spin on the popular casino game follows all the same rules but includes randomly generated bonuses for more chances to win big! In each game round, before the wheel spins, lightning strikes up to five numbers, triggering a multiplier bonus between 50x and 500x.

The action then continues as a normal game of roulette—you place bets on numbers, colours, odd, even, thirds, etc. The kicker that makes this game awesome to play is that when the ball lands on any lightning-struck numbers you’ve bet on, you win an amount equal to your stake multiplied by the relevant multiplier. 

2. Monopoly Live

Based on the classic board family game, Monopoly Live is a brilliant live-hosted game show which combines fun, nostalgia and a money wheel that likes to pay big. With charismatic hosts and immersive 3D bonus rounds added to the mix, Monopoly Live is thrilling to say the least!

Before your host spins the money wheel, place bets on which number you think it will stop at for a corresponding payout. You can also bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls to capitalise on bonus rounds with random multipliers and instant cash prizes. What’s more, Chance Cards in the main and bonus rounds offer even more ways to win!

3. Speed Baccarat

If you’re all business when it comes to betting, Speed Baccarat takes this already fast-paced game and turns up the heat even more. With shorter rounds, you can play twice as many hands in the same amount of time. Cards are dealt face-up to speed things up and the time for placing bets and announcing results is much shorter too.

Your betting options still include all the usual options plus side bets with payouts as high as 200/1. For players who want maximum betting opportunities and excitement in their sessions, Live Baccarat lets you play about 150 hands in the space of an hour!

4. Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is the old classic dice game you love reinvented with the addition of random multipliers in every round. Because who doesn’t want to win more money!? Just like in classic Sic Bo, players must correctly predict the rolls of three standard dice to win. Why we love Super Sic Bo is there are so many more betting options than similar games like Betgames Dice.

These include odd, even, doubles, triples, small, big and totals, to name just a few. Best of all, in this souped-up version of the game, random multipliers up to 1000x are applied to between 1 and 7 bet spots in each round. If your winning bet is placed on a spot with a multiplier, your payout is even bigger!

5. Crazy Time

Crazy Time is our new favourite money wheel game. Set in a busy and vibrant studio, this crazy fun game is hosted live by enthusiastic presenters who are desperate for you to get lucky. What we love especially about this live game is the top slot which is spun each round before the main wheel.

This cool feature gives you the chance to enter one of four bonus rounds with multipliers up to 25 000x! Once the main wheel is spinning, the rules are pretty straightforward for these kinds of live casino games—your stake is multiplied by whichever number the flapper stops on. Good luck!

Where To Play All Our Favourite Live Games

  • Play Live Casino Games at Betway and get a R25 Sign Up Free Bet if you’re a new customer.
  • Play Live Casino Games at Hollywoodbets and get a R25 Sign Up Free Bet if you’re a new customer.
  • Play Live Casino Games at Sportingbet and get a deposit match bonus up to R2 000 if you’re a new customer.
  • Play Live Casino Games at and get a deposit match bonus up to R1 000 if you’re a new customer.
  • Play Live Casino Games at World Sports Betting and get a deposit match bonus up to R10 000 if you’re a new customer.

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