Take Betgames Combination Bets at Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets customers can now choose to play some of their favourite betgames markets in a multiple bet (excluding card games) for even bigger winnings. The new Betgames feature allows punters to take a multiple bet (up to two legs) on the outcomes of different non-card game draws on Betgames. Currently this is available on Hollywoodbets Betgames Wheel, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7 and Dice Duel. In this guide we are going to explain how to combine your Betgames bets at Hollywoodbets!

How to combine your Betgames bets

Playing combination bets on Hollywoodbets Betgames is fairly simple as the process is similar to placing a normal Betgames bet, the only difference is that you add an extra bet to your slip. You’ll need to be quick with the process as the Betgames are constantly running, so keep an eye on the timer which shows when the draw closes.

  1. To combine your bets select the first market or leg of the bet and add it to your betslip
  2. Once you’ve added your first bet check your betslip for the “Add one more bet” button
  3. Click “Add one more bet” and select a game from the options presented (Wheel, Lucky 5, 6, 7 and dice)
  4. Add a second bet from an upcoming game to your betgames betslip and enter your stake amount
  5. The 2 different bets will be displayed with their odds in your betslip, from here you place your bet and confirm

That’s it, once you’ve confirmed your bet you can access your placed bets in the bet history, which you can find below the Betgames feed or in your Hollywoodbets betting history. The placed bet should display the 2 bets you have combined.

Betgames combinations guide

Check out our Betgames combination video below for a hands on approach on how to use the new feature.

Why combine Betgames bets?

Combining bets from your favourite Betgames gives you the chance to win even bigger. When you combine the odds of 2 different Betgames you get an incredible odds boost, especially when playing bets that already have high odds, like a certain number ball to be drawn.

Winning a combined bet leads to much a much higher payout, and with Hollywoodbets betgames bets starting from as little as R1 you can dream big without spending too much. Betgames are just one of the reasons to bet with Hollywoodbets, who also offer a wide selection of sports betting and casino games, you can find out more in our Hollywoodbets review.

Are you combining bets with Betgames at Hollywoodbets? Let us know what your biggest combination win has been in the comments below!

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