Swift Roulette now available at Gbets

Gbets have enhanced their Live Roulette by offering a new game called Swift Roulette from Bet construct. It’s a fine addition to the Gbets casino offering, and should prove to be popular with roulette players. There is no waiting for the timer and other players to join in the game, as Swift Roulette is your license to Auto Spin Faster & Wait No More!

Betting starts from as little as R10, and we’re going to go into some of the finer details for the new game below.

What is Swift Roulette?

Swift Roulette is a new game based on Standard European Roulette, which combines 8 different Roulette tables in one view. The uniqueness of this game is that it enables players to play faster without losing any betting time due to the number of live wheels.

How Swift Roulette Works

Swift Roulette combines 8 different roulette tables in one view, allowing you to play the game instantly without waiting for the countdown timer and other players to join in, something which affects most other live roulette games, but not with Swift Roulette!

Once you’ve selected your bet, the payout is determined by the roulette game which is the first of eight games to announce the winning result. So instead on betting on a single table, you’re betting on the next table to spin. Which means you can play at whatever pace you like.

What makes Swift Roulette so much fun?

Swift Roulette is totally unique when compared to other live roulette games, as it enables you to play faster without any waiting time. By placing the bets and clicking on the Spin button, you beat the clock and everyone else to the bet! There’s no long wait for the dealer to spin up the wheel or for other players to place their bets, hence the name!

And there’s Auto Spin!

Just 1 click & we’ll do the rest! There’s also a super cool Auto Spin function that automatically places your bets on the succeeding 100 rounds! So if you have a number or bet you strongly fancy you can have it automatically placed each round. No need to sit and stare at the screen as your bets will automatically be placed.

How to play on Gbets

Swift Roulette is located in the Gbets Live Games lobby. Under the  tab, click the Roulette Live image icon and Swift Roulette will be the first game to appear.

Our thoughts on Swift Roulette

The new game is an excellent addition to Gbets, and yet another fine product from Bet Construct. What we enjoy most about the new game is there really is no waiting. Place your bets, hit spin and you’re instantly waiting to see if your bets are a winner. Head over to Gbets to try Swift Roulette for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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