Sports Betting Blogs to Follow

If one is spoilt for choice by the availability of various online bookies, then they should equally have a similar experience with the accompanying Sports Betting blogs provided by the bookies. The blogs offer a lot of regularly updated information such as previews and betting tips, and also provide a gateway to access loads of other useful information. All these are vital for a punter who aims to do sensible research before placing bets, or one who just prefers getting regular updates. On to our list of sports betting blogs worth following.

Bookmaker Sports Betting Blogs

All of the blogs that feature on this list are from bookmakers in South Africa, ones we’ve featured or reviewed on Best Sports Betting over the years. There are several other sports betting blogs that we are currently reviewing, and we’ll include them below if we think they’re any good. The below are listed in no particular order.

Hollywoodbets Blog

The Hollywoodbets blog site is loaded with very interesting content. The home page gives links to access several blog articles that are arranged by sport type to cater for up to 8 major sports including Horse Racing, Soccer and others. The blog site is regularly updated, containing the latest news, previews and betting tips for sports such as Rugby. We find this to be a very useful feature, especially when looking for your next bet.

One can also access Lotto games, the Hollywood main website (which we have covered in some of our articles) and FAQs from the main page. We like that a lot of information is centrally and readily available through easy to access links. Click here to visit the Hollywoodbets blog.

World Sports Update

World Sports Betting also have a rather good blog called World Sports Update. An enjoyable feature is a summary of betting tips termed Worldy’s Best bets, which is a collection of confident bets over an assortment of sports. One can also select the Daily Diary which provides previews and betting tips on the major sports events of the day.

Lucky numbers are also featured as updates of lotto news and results. We, however, found this section to be not recently updated at the time of preparing this article. Whilst there are historical blog articles featured on spots, there appears to be no recent updates, which World Sports Betting may find to be necessary to do. Click here to visit the WSB blog.

Betway Insider

Betway, one of the leaders in online betting also provides a blog spot called Betway Insider for sports betting fans. The page appeared to be mostly tailored around soccer news with two links to soccer and Premier league blog articles. There is an option to toggle between local and international sporting news from the options on top of the screen whilst on the home page.

betway blog

The blog page also provides links to access help and how-to manuals from its web page. In case one wants to be motivated, the blog also contains articles on winners who have made it big by raking in wins with Betway. Other than soccer, the blog also offers links to articles on other sports such as Rugby and Formula 1. The blog mostly contains detail of sports previews, without any particular betting tips in the offering. Click here to visit the Betway Insider site.

Gbets Sports Betting Blog

The Gbets blog is loaded with links to its betting page, providing quick access to the betting pages of major sporting events such as soccer, rugby, tennis and cricket, and also lotto bets. The blog page also contains various bet tips across major sports such as soccer, tennis and cricket.

We also like that there is an update on boosted odds for selected sports and matches which give the punter value. It however appears that the blog is not updated too often, a thing which Gbets can improve on. Additional information available on the site is related to how to place bets, bet rules, and FAQ. Click here to visit the Gbets Blog

Betxchange Sportal

There is a wide choice of previews and bet tips to select from the blog spot of Betexchange. Betting tips are offered for major sports such as horse racing, soccer, rugby, and cricket. The reviews are quite detailed, which gives the punter a lot of leverage for making informed decisions. They also provide a link to Betexchange’s offer of competitive betting odds for selected matches.

We also like that they have an offering for seasonal bets previews with detailed information if one wants to bet on the outcome of a league. Other sports offerings are also available to the disposal of the punter. We also like there are tutorials in a video to help the learner easy adapt to learning the functionality of the website. Click here to visit the Betx Sportal.

Did we miss any good Sports Betting Blogs that are run by bookmakers? Let us know in the comments below, just be sure to leave a link to your favorite so we can check it out.

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alex smoulders
5 months ago

Thanks for sharing some betting blogs to follow very informative and on point.

10 months ago

You are missing a few good blogs, or did you only focus on betting sites?

10 months ago

Hollywood blog is a good follow, betx too. Haven’t checked out the rest yet. Sporting post is a good blog… Read more »