Why is my Sports Betting Account Limited?

We don’t know if you’ve ever had the frustrating experience of logging into your sports betting account to place a bet for a reasonable amount, let’s say R1000 or R2000, only to receive an error message which says something like “Sorry, you have exceeded your max stake. You are limited to X amount for this market, or your sports betting account limited to x”.

Worse still, you might have been going about your daily business when an email pops into your inbox which reads along the lines of, “Dear valued customer, All players accounts are reviewed on a regular basis by our trading team, and due to the unprofitable nature of this account the decision has been made at the highest level to have it permanently closed.” (Get f***d, right!?)

Thankfully, South African bookies don’t have a reputation for limiting or closing down accounts too often, but it certainly does still happen. The fact of the matter is that bookies are in this business for a reason – and that’s to make money. As you can imagine, most bookies are used to punters winning some bets and losing others, but it’s very important for them to end up in the winning corner in the long run. Unless of course you’re placing your bets with an ‘Exchange’ which requires punters to back and lay bets with one another for bookies to make their commission (We will explain the ins and outs of Betting Exchanges in a future article).

The bottom line is that if you keep winning bets one after the next and show signs that you’re sharper than the average punter, there’s always a small possibility of the decision being made to restrict or close your sports betting account, the dreaded your sports betting account limited to x message. And it’s absolutely legal and usually stated clearly in their T&Cs, so don’t try fight it – instead we suggest that you be clever about the way that you bet. And we’ll tell you how in a moment…

Perhaps you’re wondering why bookmakers limit accounts at all or have asked yourself the question, Why is my Betting Account limited? Surely betting against us is their job and they should be sharper than Joe Public. Well, that definitely used to be the case. Nowadays, however there are hundreds of sites with historical data and statistics available to us, which also means there are more educated, shrewd punters. In short, the bookmakers have lost their “academic” edge over the public and have to rely on carefully balancing their books and enticing us to bet more carelessly in order to make profit.

Aside from sheer profitability, there are other reasons why a bookie may limit or shut down your sports betting account. So before you let your ego get the better of you and think your account is under the radar because you’re so damn good at sports betting, bear in mind that your account may have been flagged for other reasons. Some reasons why bookies limit or close accounts are too many free bets and bonuses (or bonus abuse), betting erratic amounts (sign of arbitrage betting – we will explain how arbitrage betting works in a future article) or requesting withdrawals after every winning bet, although the last one is not that likely the get your betting account limited or closed.

Of course we don’t want you to stop beating the bookies. In fact, we love it when you do! But to keep under their radar, we suggest that you just think about how your betting habits might be perceived by the bookies. There are sometimes other factors involved as to why a betting account limit has been placed on your account. They are mostly fraud, risk or syndicate reasons but that’s a whole different kettle of fish! 

Again, on the whole we commend South African bookies for their loyalty to customers. Compared to the UK especially, sports betting account limited or closed down are not all the rage yet – and we respect that! We’ve seen overseas betting accounts limited after just one bet, yes one bet, and not even a large bet at that!

Have you ever had your sports betting account limited , restricted or closed down?
We’d love to hear about your experience, so please comment below.

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  1. Yes both my account and my wife’s account, I had her open in order to play after mine was limited. Sunbet the bookie.

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