Where to Play Online Roulette in South Africa

Online Roulette is something that South African’s have not been able to legally play due to legislation. However it appears that the winds of change are blowing and we could see roulette become a reality soon. We’re going to go into detail why we think you’ll soon be able to bet with online roulette as well as a brief explanation of how the game works and how to play it.

Online Roulette South Africa – Is it legal?

Currently online roulette in the casino sense is very much illegal in South Africa. So you aren’t able to play on online casinos and slots sites, however there has been a major shift in perspectives and online roulette is now fully legal at a few bookmakers in South Africa. Sportingbet, World Sports Betting and Supabets currently offer live roulette to their customers, fully endorsed by the NGB (National Gaming Board).

You’ll know if a betting site is licensed to offer the game by checking who their license is issued by, it’s usually found in their footer, at the bottom of the site. If the licensed is issued in South Africa then the bookmaker is legal to bet and play online roulette with. If the sites license is not from SA then you’d best stay away. All the sites that we are looking at in this article are 100% legal and licensed in their respective provinces.

Where to play online roulette legally

Currently 4 bookmakers in South Africa offer a legal online roulette experience. Sportingbet, Betway, WSB and Supabets. The Sportingbet Roulette is definitely the best of the two and they have 5 different live roulette games available to players. We’ve discussed the Sportingbet Roulette games in detail in this post. Sportingbet were the first bookmaker to legally offer the games in late 2019, and most other bookmakers then followed with launching their own games.

There are several casino style sites in South Africa claiming to have legal roulette, but they are actually illegal. we can assure you that the only legal roulette you can currently enjoy roulette, as mentioned, is Sportingbet, Betway, WSB and Supabets. This list is continuing to grow as more bookmakers get licensed, we’re sure that soon, all bookmakers will be offering the game in one form or another.

Roulette is not the only casino style game on offer at these bookmakers, many have other legal casino games live Dream Catcher or the popular Monopoly live. There’s also Deal or No Deal and many other games that are engaging and fun to play.

It’s already in retail stores

If you’ve stepped into a retail betting shop recently you’ll have noticed that there are games like Keno, Betgames and Lucky numbers on offer. What you might not know is that there are stores that are currently offering live roulette in store, and they aren’t casinos.

We’re not talking about your dodgy back alley type stores, we’re talking big branded stores that are part of a franchise. Not only are these games on offer but they’re 100% legal and licensed in their respective provinces.

They run on similar software to Betgames and the style is very similar, you see a live dealer with a table and a wheel, we don’t think we need to explain the rest. The betting options we’ve seen are also very similar to those of actual roulette.

You can bet on odds, evens, colours, numbers, 3rds and more. We think we’ll be seeing a shift from roulette being in retail to online roulette at online bookmakers who have Betgames due to how easy it is to integrate with their existing software.

Exciting things are coming

We can’t wait until we have casino table games available to play legally online in South Africa. As soon as more local bookmakers have it up, then we’ll have a comprehensive review posted for you so that you too can join in the fun.

How to play roulette

The wheel has 37 numbers. Numbers from 1 to 36 are red and black, while the zero is green, and it is basically designed to spoil your day (you will see later why). That’s the main difference between the European and the US roulette – the US roulette has double zero as well.

You probably noticed that the numbers are not listed consecutively. Also, they alternate from black to red, so there is no two black or two red numbers next to each other.

Playing Roulette

Basically, you are laying your bets on the board and waiting for the roulette ball (pill) to stop at one of the numbers. Depending on the provider, you will have restricted amounts for minimum and maximum bets, while you can choose any number of chips to bet in between freely. Usually, the smallest chip worth 20 cents, while the largest worth 250 euro or British pounds.

You have several options to bet on. The most obvious one is betting on single numbers. This gives you the biggest return, the odds are 36.00. However, as you may know already, it is really hard to guess the exact number where the ball will end.

Several betting options have even odds, and you can double your stake if you win. Those options are red/black numbers, even/odd numbers, and over and under 18.5. And here is where zero comes into play – every time when the ball lands on zero, the house wins all these bets.

You can also bet on the first 12 numbers (zero doesn’t count), second 12 numbers and third 12 numbers. Since the numbers are also divided into three rows on the playing board, you can bet on the first, second and third row.

Advanced players usually bet where the ball will land – near zero, opposite to zero or the orphans, which are the two areas on the board in between.

How to Win Roulette

There is no such thing as the best winning roulette strategy. Some of the players like Martingale betting – betting on the even odds and doubling the stake when they lose. If they win, they use the starting stake and start the cycle all over again. You must have deep pockets to play like this and we don’t recommend it at all since you can lose a huge amount of money in a short amount of time.

This is the game of probability and luck. Always have that in mind and gamble responsibly, don’t bet the money you are not allowed to lose. And above all else, have fun!

Casino Games in South Africa

Roulette is not the only popular casino game within our borders. There’s also the popular Betgames which are also legal, and feature Dice, Poker, Cards and more. You can view all the legal casino style games available to you in our Casino Games section.

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