Online Roulette South Africa

Online Roulette is something that South African’s have not been able to legally play due to legislation. However it appears that the winds of change are blowing and we could see roulette become a reality soon. We’re going to go into detail why we think you’ll soon be able to bet the famous game online in our Online Roulette South Africa post below.

Update! Supabets have launched the first fully legal and licensed Roulette game in South Africa, you can read about it here or play by clicking the image below.

Online Roulette South Africa – Is it legal?

Currently online roulette in the casino sense is very much illegal in South Africa. However there has been a major shift in perspectives and we think it’ll be hitting your screen very soon. We explain why below.

It’s already in retail stores

If you’ve stepped into a retail betting shop recently you’ll have noticed that there are games like Keno, Betgames and Lucky numbers on offer. What you might not know is that there are stores that are currently offering live roulette in store, and they aren’t casinos. We’re not talking about your dodgy back alley type stores, we’re talking big branded stores that are part of a franchise. Not only are these games on offer but they’re 100% legal and licensed in their respective provinces.

They run on similar software to Betgames and the style is very similar, you see a live dealer with a table and a wheel, we don’t think we need to explain the rest. The betting options we’ve seen are also very similar to those of actual roulette. You can bet on odds, evens, colours, numbers, 3rds and more. We think we’ll be seeing a shift from roulette being in retail to online roulette at online bookmakers who have Betgames due to how easy it is to integrate with their existing software.

When is Online Roulette coming to South Africa?

It’s hard to say when exactly we’ll see online roulette being offered but we have it on good authority that it’ll be up and running at some point in 2019. Which means we will likely be getting roulette and several other similar games that are not RNG based around the same time.

Online Roulette South Africa – Exciting things are coming

We can’t wait until we have casino table games available to play legally online in South Africa. As soon as one of the bookmakers have it up we’ll have a comprehensive review posted for you so that you too can join in the fun. Keep an eye on this space! We hope you enjoyed our Online Roulette South Africa post and if you’d like to let us know what your thoughts are then let us know in the comments below!

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