Monopoly Big Baller Game Guide

As the bingo-styled Monopoly Big Baller live dealer casino game makes its grand entrance into the South African betting market on the Betway South Africa site, gamblers couldn’t have been any more pleased. Monopoly Live is no longer in South Africa due to licensing trouble, but fortunately, there’s a new Monopoly game in town as a replacement. Monopoly Big Baller is a no-ordinary name, and that’s a fact. One, it comes with plentiful multipliers and even bigger payout opportunities that every live casino diehard seemingly has been dying for.

Played with 4 bingo cards, similar to what you’d find on the classic Mega Ball 100x games, it is an epic, exciting game that perhaps has no peer among the popular bingo-type game shows. This Monopoly Big Baller game is so remarkable that the reviews all over the web say it all. Winning ideally is when you complete lines on your cards, and payouts vary from as little as 2x of the Bingo card to 199x, and up to a max win of R5 million.

Monopoly Big Baller Overview

  • Bingo cards and bonus cards game with 25 numbers per card
  • Game starts at R1 a bet
  • Max payout up to R5 Million
  • High volatility game with an RTP of 96%
  • 60 coloured balls drawn, numbered 1 to 60 with automatic daubing
  • Features a cool monopoly/riverboat theme
  • Multiplier lines and numbers, bonus cards, free spaces

New as it is, the Monopoly Big Baller bingo game has earned itself a name in the highly-competitive live dealer gaming scene. And the popularity has nothing to do with its developer, Evolution Gaming, whose reputation is largely unmatched. Nor, is the seemingly apt “monopoly” in favour that it wields amongst the newest bingo-style game shows.

Instead, its popularity is down to how it combines two of the most outstanding features – Live Mega Ball and Monopoly Dreamcatcher – into a single game. Lots of fun on a riverboat voyage, big bonus games and a virtual board where you harvest multiplier prizes are all that’s in this game. And yes, it is a modern-day bingo modelled on arguably the planet’s best-known board games.

The 1920s-style riverboat voyage theme, Bingo-like machine-modelled game and the 3D action add to its razzmatazz. You’ve got to be a Pro on Bingo cards to win, but with free spaces and the multipliers, you are almost certain of going home with a heavy wallet. You will smile at Mr MONOPOLY as he goes around doing his thing!

But let no one fool you – Monopoly Big Baller bingo game is one easy game to play. You join the league of winners with just a few strategies and some practice rounds. As it enters the South African online casino games scene, you should make it a priority game.

Multipliers and Free Spaces

  • Multipliers – three in number, chance multipliers are what each Bingo card is assigned with. There’s Standard, Line and Global.
  • Free Spaces – it refers to removing numbers or simply “freeing up space” so that what remains is a smaller pool that eventually increases the chances of getting your balls picked.

How to Play and Win Monopoly Big Baller Bingo Game

Before diving right into how to play the Monopoly Big Baller game, there are a few things you’ve got to understand. First, this retro-style riverboat voyage-themed live casino game has 4 bingo cards, along with two bonus cards, and each card has 25 numbers in 5×5 format. The presenter must draw 20 balls from the 60 in the machine.

Also, as mentioned, cards are of two types: Chance Cards and Free Space Cards. With chance cards, the multiplier is at the centre of the card. The other card has a dot instead of a multiplier. The good news, though, is that you can choose the number and type of bingo cards to play between the two.

How to play the Monopoly Big Baller game

  1. On an online casino with Evolution games, navigate to Live Casino and select Monopoly Big Baller 

Being from Evolution Gaming, this live dealer game means that you must start from the live casino section. Some casinos have the ‘Search’ functionality, while others require that you scroll until you locate the game.

  1. Place your bets

You will see the 4 Bingo cards alongside the two bonus cards at the bottom of your screen. Place your bet on 1 or more of the 4 individually or all at once. Remember that it is acceptable to wager different amounts on each card.

After placing the bets, the game starts. You will see the 5×5 card you placed a bet on, generating random numbers from 1 to 60. Of course, you are free to make each of the cards a chance card or a free space card.

  1. But before the numbers are drawn, there will be Mr Monopoly

You should see Mr Monopoly with his signature moustache pulling a lever to activate several multipliers. He will take out some numbers from the cards for players to enjoy the game even more. Immediately after, the Bingo machine will come back to life.

  1. Drawing the numbers

Drawing the 20 balls is done by the Bingo machine, and you’ve got to understand that any corresponding numbers will be stripped off. As the balls are drawn, the numbers that feature on the cards will be marked with a red dot. The process takes a few seconds before it ends. You will pray that those drawn are with multipliers so they can be redeemed. If not, just count yourself a spectator!

  1. The Bonus Game and Dice Rolling

Take part in the Bonus Game by betting on either a ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls.’ A 3 Rolls equals three dice rolls, while the other earns you five dice rolls. If you fill-up the entire empty number of the bonus card, there will be two separate bonus games for you!

  1. Adding up the Multipliers

After casting all the dice, Mr Monopoly will appear to gather all corresponding multipliers. The multipliers will then be accumulated and multiplied by your initial bet on the bonus. Any wins will automatically be credited to you as another Monopoly Big Baller round starts.

Monopoly Big Baller Tips & Strategies to Winning

Making lines and winning the bonus rounds may appear easy on paper until you stare at the screen. To increase your chances of winning, have the following tips in mind:

  • The type of cards to select and the ones to bet.
  • Whether to also wager on the bonus rounds – 1 or both.
  • How much to place in bets?

Which cards should you play?

It is OK to mix free space cards and chance cards, or simply go with any uniform type since each is eligible for free spaces and multipliers.

How do you play the bonus round game?

Main cards often have massive payouts with multipliers, occurring much more frequently than bonus rounds. And so, the best strategy is to avoid the bonus round – although it would mean less thrill.

More cards mean more chances of winning

Play all the cards to increase your chances of winning unless you are on a lean budget. But to get where your luck lies, play two 2s, three 3s, and four 4s and find an average.

Lastly, on spread your bets

NEVER wager more than 10% of your bankroll per round. An ideal Bingo cards to bonus cards ratio is 5:1.

Our Thoughts on the Monopoly Big Baller Live Game

South African players have really missed the popular Monopoly game, and the introduction of Monopoly Big Baller will fill in that gap. The game is fun to play, and after a few rounds you’ll soon have a basic understanding of the game mechanics. The only drawback is the limited number of cards each round, we would like to see the option to buy more cards like on Mega Ball 100x, but other than that Monopoly Big Baller is a fantastic game to play, and we recommend it to Monopoly and Mega Ball fans.

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