Megastrike 10 Guide, Predictions & Tips on How to Play

Megastrike 10 is a new game from Tab, the same company has offers the popular Soccer 6, Soccer 10 and other Soccer pool games. Where Megastrike differs is what you will be betting on, instead of betting on match outcomes you are betting on individual players to score goals. Other than that the process and entry price is similar to Soccer 10. Betting starts from as little a R2, and we’ll be running through a few more details about how Megastrike 10 works as well as our own betting tips in this post.

Megastrike 10 Game

As mentioned, MegaStrike 10 is similar in several respects to Soccer 10 but with one huge difference, you are betting on players to score goals rather than teams to win. The game process is the same as Soccer 10, there are 10 different players on a fixtures list and you need to predict how many (if any) goals will be scored by the player in their upcoming match.

To win your placed bet you must predict how many goals each of 10 players (labelled P1 to P10) will score in a designated soccer match, found on the Megastrike 10 fixtures page.

  1. = Player scores no goals
  2. = Player scores 1 goal
  3. = Player scores 2 goals or more

As with TAB’s other soccer bets, you can play a single or multiple entry. With a single entry, you select ONE option or choice for each player and the bet costs R2.

With a multiple entry, you can choose more than one score option for one or more players. I.E Player 1 to score no goals or 1 goal, which would be 1,2 on your ticket. The cost is R2 per combination and you can play the full fixtures list, making 1 selection per player.

Adding more outcomes to a player does increase your ticket price and your odds of winning, To calculate the number of combinations, multiply out the total number of options or choices for each player. Then take that total and multiply it by 2 to calculate the cost of the bet.

Best Sports Betting Megastrike 10 Tips and Predictions

We’ll be posting our Megastrike 10 tips and predictions below. We won’t be providing tips for all the upcoming Megastrike 10 fixtures, only those we think we have a chance at winning. Also kindly note that you should use our predictions as a base for your own ones, as we do not guarantee you will win from our tips. The latest tips can be found below.

One of the best bets to place for Megastrike 10 is to be on no goal. You can honestly play no goal on all 10 fixtures for the minimum stake and you’ll pick up a win at some point. However for interest sake we have included goal scorers in our tips, as there’s no use tipping zero goal scorers every single week!

Bet Examples

You choose all three options for P1 (Player 1), two options for P2 and one for each of P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9 and P10. That’s 3x2x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1= 6 combinations x R2 = R12.

You choose two score options for each of P1 to P8 and one for P9 and P10. That’s 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x1x1 =256 x 2 = R512

Megastrike 10 Rules

There are a few rules around Megastrike 10 that punters should be aware of, these are very important as players might not start a match or could be substituted early on in a game, which has an impact on your ticket. The official rules for the game have been listed below and can also be viewed on the Soccer Tab website;

  • If nobody forecasts all 10 players’ scores correctly the pool is carried forward.
  • A player will be deemed to have participated in a match if they start the match on the field or are substituted onto the field anytime during the normal 90-minute playing period plus any referee’s optional time that may be played.
  • If a player participates in a match as per above and then leaves the field for any reason, they are deemed to have participated in the match, irrespective of the number of minutes played in the match.
  • If a player has not participated in the match at all, all possible score results for that player will apply for purposes of calculating a dividend.
  • Only goals, including penalties, scored by players during the normal 90-minute playing period plus any referee’s optional time qualify in determining the official results. Own goals and goals scored in extra time and penalty shootouts do not count.
  • If you play MegaStrike 10 at a TAB, please note the bet must be called as follows to a teller : MegaStrike 10, Track Key 52 and then your choices for each player.

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