Lottoland South Africa Review

Lottoland have recently been granted 2 South African sports betting licenses and are now operating legally in South Africa. We’re going to have a look at Lottoland and see what they have on offer for punters who love betting lotto.

Lottoland South Africa

Lottoland South Africa currently offer betting on over 30 + different International Lotto draws, including EuroMillions, US Power and the South African Lotto. In addition to their lotto features they also offer the exclusive Cash4Life, where you could win R10,000 per day for the rest of your life. They also have Keno24/7 (win up to R1 Million every 4 minutes!) that you will only find through them.

Lottoland are backed by a number of leading lotto insurers. These companies also insure some of the world’s largest financial institutions, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s R5 million or R500 million, your top prize prize will be covered by either the site or one of it’s insurers.

Lottoland Site

The Lottoland site is beautiful in it’s simplicity and is a pleasure to navigate and bet on. They don’t quite have the feel of a site like Lottostar but they make up for it with great functionality. You’ll only need a few minutes to play on the site in order to get used to it’s layout and menu.

Lottery Betting with Lottoland

Lottoland offer betting on SA Lotto, SA Powerball, Megamillions, Euromillions, Worldmillions, Eurojackpot and more. It’s very easy to place a bet on the lotto, especially on mobile which is where the majority of customers will be visiting the site from. You simply select the Lotto you wish to bet on and start betting, it’s really that simple.

Lottoland South Africa Contact Details

For more information on Lottoland South Africa take a look at the About Us section, or contact their customer service team on 0800 999 099.

Deposits and Withdrawals

How does Lottoland work?

Fixed odds betting is not the same as buying a ticket into the official draw

In terms of a fixed odds bet, you are placing a bet on the likelihood that the numbers you selected might be drawn. But keep in mind, you are not buying a lottery ticket in the official draw. Fixed Odds betting is conducted through a separate licensed company, such as Lottoland, which is not connected in any way to the relevant lottery operator. Any money you win is paid out by the site, not the official lottery operator.

Match advertised prizes

Lottoland will match the prizes of each division, including the first tier winnings, that the official lottery operators pay out per draw. Let’s say you bet on the World Millions event on a Sunday and you manage to predict the last 7 numbers correctly (but not all 8 numbers). This would win you the second tier prize payout valued at R15,000,000. They will theb will match this prize and pay you the prize money

How is Lottoland able to pay out such high Prize Winning amounts?

Lottoland operates an insurance model which means that each bet someone place successfully on is insured. Lottoland will pay all smaller wins directly from the revenue we receive from sales. Larger prize winnings will be covered by the insurance model.This insurance-based business model enables Lottoland to offer our players the ability to win huge potential payouts, matching those of lucky draw events from all over the world.

Why not just buy a lottery ticket?

Our offer is very different; for starters, we don’t sell physical tickets. Everything is done online, plus we are not connected to the relevant operator.Our betting model also gives us the freedom to offer our players promotional bets, special offers and unique features such as Double Payouts. We can also offer ‘Special Payouts’ (Tier 1 Winnings) higher than those available elsewhere.


Lottoland is a great product that should give the likes of Lottostar a run for their money. The site is slick and simple while the betting process is very smooth. The only drawbacks we noticed are the number of lotto’s on offer. We’re sure this is going to change as the brand grows but we have no hesitation in recommending it to South African punters.



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